Gardening Forum?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by lumpy2, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Had a quick search for this and there doesn't appear to be a specific forum for gardening. I suppose the subject occasionally overlaps with the Cookery and DIY forums, but would there be any interest in a specific place to exchange gardening tips (and of course post smug photos of your prize winning dahlias)

    I for one would be interested. Anyone else?
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  2. You just know it would turn into the S**d forum in hours!!
  3. I've sacked the spuds this year in favour of more onions.

    Next year my raised beds will be finished so I'll be good to go for spuds again.

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  4. Are Lawnmowers included? I just bought a fantastic Briggs and Stratton powered McCulloch......
  5. Thumbs up for a gardening forum from this end
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  6. I'm looking at buying one of these: Mountfield 1430H Lawn Tractor - comments anyone?
  7. If only my postage stamp of a lawn would justify it. Oh, and SWMBO...
  8. Grow your own strawberries, you'll never buy shop bought, forced crap again!
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  9. I started to paint my fence by hand today.....soon realised spending £19.98 on a spray device was probably a good investment !
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  10. has your neighbours car got a new effect to the paint ???
    i had a new van once lad spraying the fence with creosote used a knapsack sprayer
    my van looked fetching with the new stripey look !!
  11. we only have a garden the size of a livingroom , so we only grow a few of each (toms,pots,garlic, onions and carrots ) in old washing peg baskets , and various herbs ....only doing it. to show the little one that veg doesn't just come out of a supermarket......wish we had a bigger garden
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  12. and yes , I wouldn't mind a garden forum
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