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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by annie1969, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know anything about ponds? I've got two fish up looking for food when they should be down at the bottom taking cover!! Should i feed them or leave them be in the hope that they won't starve? Thanks
  2. They won't starve to death,they might eat each other but they won't starve.At this time of the year if your pond isn't frozen (which it seems it isn't) then your fish are doing a bit of 'courting',they won't mate until later.If you feed them the food will more than likely rot at the bottom.Also make sure the water is airated because they could be coming up for air.
  3. Your pool bottom may be toxic with leaf matter breaking down. Net it out, change half the volume of water and see if it makes a difference.
  4. They are snapping at oxygen not food.

    Need to aerate your puddle before they all die horribly.*

    * maybe.
  5. Pond water is clean as filter is still running. The waterfall overhangs the pond which somehow stops that part from freezing so should be plenty of air in. Theres a net over the top so no leaves in it either. Lets cross fingers for the courting thing. Thanks for the help
  6. I assume that you are still testing the pool for PH, chemicals, nitrate & nitrite build up?
  7. I've got little strip things that i hold in it the water for a few seconds, they're normal but if i'm honest i don't know what they're testing for. The man at the water garden centre gave me them a few years ago when the pond had a bug, i've not got the box with the instructions anymore, just a wee note from me telling myself what colour the strip is meant to be.
  8. I assume you are looking for a get together in your garden as this is in the social events and networking,or are you using this as a chat up opening line ;-)
  9. Of course it is- it's a 40 something female on a military website. I can hear it's fanny snapping at each thread reply like a drowning puppy snatching gasps of air through a sinking hessian sack.
  10. Well you'd both be wrong. Looked at where to put this and couldn't find anything to do with gardens. The dog owners thread is in social,events and networking, so i thought dogs and fish, both are pets
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Different fish species require different water conditions. Some fish are very tolerant of changing water conditions and some will stress and die quickly if they move outside narrow limits. The strips are to tell you what the conditions are in the pond and whether you need to add any chemicals to the water.

    Changing too much of the water at one go may also stress the fish as tap water may not have the same chemical make-up as the water in the pond.

    (I don't keep fish but I have a friend who's a fresh water and marine biologist).

  12. I'm assuming that the 'strips' you are using are just PH test strips; I would suggest that if you intend keeping pond fish that you read up on the other chemicals issues which may affect your fish.
  13. I think the fish is fine and was just hungry. There's 17 fish in the pond and only two were up. If there was something wrong with the water i'm thinking that more than that would be up. These fish went in about six years ago and are just Shubunkins. I put a strip in and everything appears normal and theres was no sign of them. Wee buggers better stay down there
  14. The whole point of the filter is to keep the water clean and balanced