Garden "Bar"

Had our decking down for about 7 years now, a bit in the corner needs reworking..........casually mentioned to the wife if I need to resort posts/decking, etc...I could instead stick a bar on top........whilst she's on her holidays in France for a month. Amazingly, she said yes, I'll post a few pics of progress. Bear in mind, I am a keyboard wallah, and utterly shite at doing things with my hands.

First pic is "before", 4x3m deck in the garden.

Basic frame up, couple of walls filled in with feather edge.


Roof in progress, it's built to slope rearwards.


Roof on (plastic sheeting, then felt, then sealant.)

Bar itself, made out of small son's old bed, and various other bits, a man get's to a certain age, he finds he has accumulated various bits of wood........!


Coming together quite well now.

How much angle do you have on the shed bar roof? will it catch most of the leaves from the tree?
Thoughts then to TV....specifically watching the Rugby whilst out of the way of the wife. Power comes from long extension lead from outside socket at the moment. (Will have that sorted properly with armoured cable/fuse box etc at some stage). So I plucked for a Raspberry Pi with Kodi type arrangement, via wifi (big fat router that reaches down the garden to the bar).

The "draft" pump is a thing where you can stick a can in, then it is pulled through and out the spout. Tastes a lot better than out the can, even has the widget where you can foam the head.

40 quid from Amazon. I've got two now, the pipe is easy to clean, so one for cider, one for lager. a third one for guiness is on order. Takes 4 different sizes, 330ml, 400ml, 500ml, 550ml, works a treat.

Draft "proper beer" I get a keg from the brewery down the road, works out around 1.75 a pint.
Once we move house (if it ever bloody happens - it's dragged on for months so far) I'll be using an ikea four poster day bed as the framework for my garden bar

it's similar to this

Wish I'd thought of that first, would have saved me some pain, a lot of splinters and much swearing! Good luck with it!
Thanks, I'm also going to be doing more homebrew, including a cheeky little Pineapple and Coconut mead (comes in at about 17%) as my 'new' garage/workshop just happens to be set up in a way that'll work beautifully as my brewery
It's not a lot, enough that water runs off quite well, I've just had a look, no leaves on there atm, but that's likely due to the raging winds we've had the last few days. Bloody good point though.
Shouldn't be too much of an issue if you can brush it off every now and then. As long as a decaying leaf mat/sponge doesn't build up, water run off should still be good

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