Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ilovegrapes, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. can you join the army during life imprisonment?
  2. Where is Staffordshire LOLOLOLOLOL?
  3. Are you trying to be funny with that link??

    And i mistyped i'm dealing with my 2 daughters while i'm typing this so forgive me if i get somthing wrong,

    yes i have my start date for basic i passed selection 2 months ago
  4. Corrected for you :wink:

    Just take a little care with your posts and you'll be fine on this site. Make sure you check them for errors!
  5. Aye, and take care not to stare at this mans' signature for too long. It has similar effects of that which you can get from inhaling cat urine. Who knows, that might only increase the errors!
  6. @ Faustic: lol ok m8

    @ wannabe-rifleman: i go to ICT on the 7th, they said this course was a look at life in the mercian reg,
    hence why i am here asking if anyone else has been offered this course
  7. In that case I'd check it again Faustic!
  8. Aren't grammar nazi's really fun, original and entertaining............

  9. If that upsets you Flower, you'll love Basic :roll: .
  10. It is things like "LOLOLOLOLOLOL" that grip my faeces.
  11. They are on every site, only thing is noone really cares if there is a ' missing from a word

    Yeah i put selection when i ment basic, just trying to do a few things at once and didnt think about what i was typing. But the statement still stands anything i can do to get ready for BASIC !! ( lol ) i will do i'm a bit pissed tho i hurt my ankle running a week and half ago and i've only just recovered so i got a bit lazy over the last week and half so i'm finding it hard to motivate myself again to get as much training as poss in before the 7th
  12. @ Sinner251:

    i'm not upset over that, i just asked a question in response to your reply

    ( tho to be fair "If that upsets you Flower, you'll love Basic" made me laugh )
  13. Nice One, every one makes spelling/grammer mistakes, what gets a lot of backs up is no attempt at it or using Text speak.
    Text speak evolved due to limited space on SMS Messages, that is not an issue on here. Hence things like the highlighted text in your post are a bit of a niggle. Also communication will be an important part of your future career so clarity is essential to learn.

    This from a man who can't find his spellchecker. Good luck with your course, enjoy it.