garats hay

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by blindazh, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. anybody who served here should see it now, its like buckingham palace, slightly better than portakabins! the bulls head is not that much different and unfortunately still sells laughing brew....oh dear!
  2. Drove past it a couple of years ago whilst the new college was being built. Oh the memories. Did stop and have a spot in the BH just for old-times' sake.
    Did my basic Arabic course there in 1996-97, what a place. :)
  3. The Bull's Head has been through a bit of a crisis. When I was up there in 03 it was the trendiest place in the world, car park full of Porsches and Range Rovers and the place was packed with posh fcukers. In 04 it was back to being the usual tatty shathole we all fondly remember. As for camp, it's chuffin' gleaming. Pity they never made the same effort when we were there.

    Actually they might have, but we were usually too pished to notice much.
  4. I went to a memorial on Remembrance Day in Garats Hay a few years ago. We were brought into the BH for a couple of wets :D
  5. its been renovated again perevodchik as i found when having a works liquid lunch there at my suggestion. after five pints lowenbbrau laughing colleagues(always talking about being able to drink) thought they'd got the upper hand and that blindazh was mullered, the fools. ironically as some of you will know i was the only one on time for the morning meeting the next day.
  6. got married in september in my missus's's's's's local parish church. imagine my surprise when it turned out to be St Mary in the Elms, Woodhouse.

    Int Corps kneeling thingies, presentations etc and the verger is called Yvonne and used to be the civvy in the clothing store... and remembered my best man (ex-Corps) from when he worked there in 91-93...

    ho hum. maybe its a sign :)
  7. The poor deluded fools, I hope they weren't too ill! :pukel: :pissed: :rofl:
  8. CR, Does that mean your good lady is from Loughborough?
  9. i got called the same thing that you called me on another thread a while ago, probably fairly. i quote "you horrible man"
  10. I'm surprised (and not a little disappointed) that you left them with the ability to speak!
  11. got them past the bezzering stage and as far as the "oh no why have all the muscles in my face stopped working" rubber face stage. using my weapon of choice the red bomber chaser.
  12. i don't think so. the internet thai bride website said she was from Suk Sum Kok :)
  13. I was in the OBH in July last year, it's all marble, chrome and brown leather settees.

    I looked on with fond memories of the beer garden outside as I recalled a certain E** M******R weeing into the mouth of a very drunk Scottish Chef one sunny summers afternoon.
  14. Makes a change from him weeing into a mattress.

  15. The Chef in question was unconscious at the time.