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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Bad CO, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Unlike most, I've got no need for shed as my garage is a really decent size. Needless to say it's my pride and joy which is only slightly ruined by a tendency to get filled up with all sorts of bits of gardening paraphernalia which isn't going to be removed by anything less than divorce. Clearly that is an option but one I don't want to take yet.

    Instead I'm looking to install some decent, heavy weight shelving/racking. I can then carefully mark off a section for use as the gardening store whilst the rest has power tools, diving equipment, bits of engines, etc.

    My requirements are that it must be free standing and I'd like to use the full height of the roof (2.3m). I've got about 1.4m x 0.9m floorspace and ideally would like to be able to move shelves up and down.

    Possibly complete overkill but I'm looking at two of these at the moment, although they're a bit large.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. Make it yourself. 3x5cm or 4x6 PSE Softwood as uprights, glued and screwed onto 3x5 PSE as horizontals. Make 2 "Ladders", these "Ladders" are then connected by the shelving itself, i.e Stirling Board 18mm, screwed into the horizontals.

    Cheap, fast, and heavy load bearing.

    Recce19 knows someone who has just made "The Mother of all Sheds", which has this shelving fitted.
  3. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Can't comment on if its appropiate for your needs. But save yourself some money and get down a local auction house or similar. When we do office/warehouse clearance the racking and shelving go for pittance (or often its uncommercial to sell it and its abandoned)

    E.G. - AMS Auctions (other auctioneers are available)

    If you do go down that route make sure you check T&Cs....
  4. I think you've completely missed the point of having a sh*d Boss.
    A sh*d isn't just for storage of all the blokey junk, it's for hiding away from She Who Must Be Obeyed.
    It should contain a chair and some form of entertainment system and a sound effects CD/Tape of hammering and sawing!
  5. Bought a pair from their website last year, hardly pretty but do exactly what it says on the tin. Make sure you buy the joiners if you want to link them together.

    20 mins to assemble by my 17 year old son.

  6. I sense shed waltery. Thats no shed, thats a garage!
  7. Dexion shelving is the way to go & shame CO didnt bring this up a month ago as my place just chucked out a load.

    I've still got several 'surplus' Dexion shelving in family stables which I obtained many moons ago.
  8. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Thanks for all the suggestions, in the end I went for something similar but not quite as OTT - 175kg Racking


    Will report back when I've got them! Unfortunately I doubt the end product is going to look much like Recce19 "mates" effort which is a pity as I could definitely do with one of those.
  9. Best advice is get a shed for gardening paraphernalia, I too have a decent sized garage 8m x 5m , and you WILL eventually fill it up with toys (oops and "projects". It used to drive me bonkers finding things like lawnmowers and bikes in there. I know I was being precious about it, but it is my workshop, hobby room, refuge, sanctuary, and holy of holy's and should be the one place where I DON'T have to defer to Mrs Samain's ideas on interior decoration. Claim it as an exclusive domain and banish everything else to a shed, or build a ****-off shed, 20 x 10 would be a good size and banish yourself there.
  10. Sorry, I forgot...shelving, I bought some 4x2 and some 4x1/2, and constructed some floor to ceiling shelving to my own spec's. Large space at the bottom for heavy items, trolly jacks etc and on up. Fixed to the wall and runs 1/2 of the way up one side of the garage. Masses of space, only cost £120 for the wood (15 years ago), 12'long and 7' high of storage, and strong enough to climb up.
  11. Good shed, only question would be the winch....fine for the go-cart but what if one day you were tempted to do some serious engine lifting or somesuch....its attached to the ridge beam which has the potential for some serious damage, you would then be very glad of the veltins though I suppose.
  12. Er, Recce19 s Secret Mate says this:

    " The winch is through-bolted with M10 bolts to a 5x40x40mm steel box-section, on the 50x120mm ridge. The ridge is braced. The rafters are screwed into the ridge with 8x140mm Spax. The joists are screwed onto the wall-plates with 8x200mm Spax and bolted to the rafter-feet with M12 bolts. The winch sits between the space of 2 rafters, centres 600mm, and can lift 150kgs without the slightest creaking sound of timber. Hope this has cleared the issue up on that terrible site you frequent Recce19, get a life ffs!"

    Yes, quite. Time for a Veltins!