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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by WhiteHorse, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,
    4000 miles ago the renault garage replaced the timing belt on my diesel Espace, last friday it failed. Yesterday the garage called me to say that although the belt failed, it was due to a problem with the Camshaft pulley causing the belt to slip off the end of the pulley and wear against the timing belt cover, thus it failed, I think this is balls, but would like some advice on where to go now. BTW they want £1300 to repair!

    Cheers in advance

  2. Not very far by the sounds of it!

    On a serious note, I think garages have you by the bollocks every which way. If you knew enough to prove the case in a court of law you would have done the job yourself I imagine - they are worse than estate agents in my book
  3. I know nothing about Cars, but that sounds far too much. Get a quote from a few more garages. See how they compare.
  4. What damage has occured to the engine? What EXACTLY are you getting for your £1300?

    Garges charge anywhere from £25 - £50 an hour labour. £1300 sounds about right, with parts, and labour +VAT.
  5. I wish I had, it went back there as I thought they would be best placed to see what they had done wrong :roll:
  6. I agree that £1300 sounds right, I'm concerned that they don't think its their fault as the belt and kit were only fitted 4K ago, with a so called 12 month warranty. The engines in a bad way.
  7. Its perfectly posible I'm afraid.
    Can't comment as to the honesty of the garage but things like this do happen.
    Your only other option is to get a qoute elsewhere and have the vehicle moved, you willprobably have a bill from the garage for the work done so far though.
    Not familiar with Espace engines but valve damage etc is fairly normal with timing belt failure.
  8. You can argue the toss regarding the work that was carried out 4k ago, and say that you think it's their fault for a poor job, and see what they say. Even say that you've spoken to a mechanic friend that says this shouldn't have happened etc. They might knock some cash off? If the valves etc are bent, then the head's gonna have to come off, have them replaced...£1300 isn't that expensive.

    You can get some quotes, go back to them, if it's cheaper and ask them to match it? Most garages won't give an estimate without an examination 1st though. In this case (possible/probable internal damage) a quote will be unlikely without wipping off the head to have a peek.
  9. I can see your frustration. I get a sickly feeling everytime I take a car into get serviced MOT'd etc.... I just worry its gonna cost a barra full of cash to put right.

    Timing belt damage isn't going to cheap as the other posts have stated.
    If some of the valves have dropped down then they'll be damaged.
    Its the labour charges that boost the price.
  10. As it was a franchised Renault dealer it may well be worth speaking direct to Renault customer service.
    The key question is why this problem wasn't apparent when they did the job in the 1st place.
    If you rattle their cage (nicely) enough Renault will send out an engineer to inspect the pully etc and they will be pretty impartial.
  11. The garage is liable for this. Sounds like the belt was either over or under tensioned. When they replaced it, did they replace all the other pulleys, tensioners, pumps etc as recomended by Renault? What does invoice say? Also, go back to garage and ask to see the belt, when they give it to you keep it. The manufacturer of the belt can usualy diagnose what caused the belt to fail.

    Download this More About Timing Belts pdf, page 10 shows common failures.

    Before asking garage, contact Renault (clicky) and without telling them what's happened, ask what the Timing Belt replacement interval for your engine type and year is and if any tensioners, pulleys or other components should also be changed.

    There are several different diesel Espaces ranging from 1.9 to 2.2litre.

    Check Gates Online catalogue, if a kit (part number begining KO, icon a little box) is available for your engine type, it's likely that additional components should have been changed and these are included in the kit.

    I'd recommend asking here: include year, mileage and engine type/code from Gates' site (eg 2.2 dCi 16V - 84/95 KW
    JE0K / JE0S).

  12. According to the invoice they used the full kit. The original job cost £650! Water pump and glow plugs changed at the same time. According to the garage the cam drive pulley damper has failed, causing the belt to wobble off and rub against the covers, due to the frequency of the wobble. :roll:
  13. Renault,biggest bunch of clowns that I have met.Complained about the below two incidents to Renault UK,was told they are a franchised dealer and they have no control over them.Boll*x,it says Renault on the forecourt,therefore Renault are responsible says I.

    Renault goes in for recall,job done,all iron/plastic filing hidden under carpet..(Renault fleece obtained as "compensation")

    Renault goes in for repair,pot of money nicked from ashtray.(Money reimbursed,cheap service next time around as "compensation")

    Don't be fobbed off,they repaired it and it has a 12 month guarantee,if all else fails try the small claims court.
  14. The last conversation we had was, well we need it off the ramp as its stopping us working. They have taken the engine out to see whats wrong!
  15. If the full kit the garaged fitted to the car included belt tensioner as a genuine renault part then it should be guaranteed for 12 mths , cambelts should last a lot longer the 4000k even with town work ( the rule is 4 to 7 years depending on model or 40000mls depending on model , in my own experience some of the cars ive had the tensioners have a rim on them to stop belt travel even if the belt was skimming the side of the cover it shouldnt brake it , it look likes faulty craftsmanship ( used loosely) Did you get the car done within 12 mths
    Garages today will not admit nothing unless you can prove its there fault
    If the fault occured within the 12mth parts and labour warranty , its up to them to sort it . Trading standards would be interested . If you have the parts that failed , keep them as evidence Also garages dont like bad press