Garage security

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Cam3229, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Good evening gents,
    I've just moved into my first property with a garage, now ive got all my stuff from my old place about to be moved into it, unfortunatly the lock on the handle doesnt work :( now to stop the little-toe-rags getting in does anybody have any good reviews for locks? Or general security?! The scrotes are most certainly going to get eyes on! The door is the up n over with no other access.
  2. Do you have a side entry door, so you can bolt your U & O door from the inside?
  3. I have no other doors, the other garages have what looks to be a shed door bolt and padlock, would this arrangement even deter anyone?
  4. Do you have a car you can park in front of the door to prevent it opening?

    I have the same type of door and do that as a routine.
  5. Get a Garage Door Defender. Easy enough to DIY fit too.

    If you're really concerned about security then buy a pair and fit a 1/3 of the door width in from either side.
  6. On my street quite recently most of all the U & O doors were forced in the night by placing a piece of scaffold pipe on the centre lock/handle and rotating.

    This caused the lock to break and release the metal rods that connected with the surrounding frames.

    The centre locks are a waste of space.

    Fit locks in each corner (or the bottom corners as a minimum), to prevent the door being forced in the corners and pulled out.

    There are special locks available from proper locksmiths for U&O doors, or the cheaper DIY option of fitting lockable bretton bolts (available in Wickes) and matched padlocks (the best you can afford).

    I had already gone down the second option prior to the brake ins and fitted a security light over the door, there was no evidence of any tampering with my U&O.

    Also I have a fitted alarm with a visible bell box by YALE but cheaper versions are available from Wickes.
  7. Small anti-personnel mines littered randomly around the entrance may help? This approach would also have the bonus of eradicating foxes, neighbours' cats, Jehovah's Witnesses and double glazing salesmen.
  8. I fastened a big scaffold tube to the bottom on the door so it couldn't be bent in or out, and a bolt with padlock either side. That was in Reading and never got broken into, so I guess it'll be good anywhere
  9. Stand in there quietly wearing a black hooded cape and a Scream mask. It won't stop them getting in, but it'll be ******* funny when they lift the door up.