GAPS weekends

Ask your recruit training staff.



You’ll be redoing everything you did during your 2 week course, only in slightly more detail and at a faster pace.
You also get to do the military swim test and learn how to shoot moving targets.

It’s a piss easy couple of weekends.
As for Polar's post, but we mix BCD & Mapreading for 1 w/e, CBRN, plus 3 range w/es, the only stipulation is that the ranges are run consecutively.
We also tend to treat you better!
We do the same as jase2472, plus some adventure training, a day out R+R and a MST. Ps we don't do it over w/ends we do it once a year on a 2 wk camp
te we have started doing it at Sennybridge over 8 Days twice a year just been in march fcukin snowed every day we are going again in sept (Summer apparently) didn't know there was summer in Brecon
Doesnt that increase the time recruits spend being recruits? running only twice a year, is it a regimental thing or RTC?
Recruits at my unit do RSW then TAFS 1 and 2. They attend recruits course and do gap training, from this training year apparently you can do gap or recruits which ever comes first regarding the recruits availability.
We teach Gap assuming a certain level taught by ATRs, they teach upto a point we then fill the GAP, with the "taking you one stage further...", I can't see how recruits are running before they can crawl, saying that it all changes again later on this year ho hum , thank fek I have nothing to do with writing the course programmes, I just teach them!

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