GAPS at Strensall

Has anyone been on the gaps course at Strensall? My unit has just told me i need to go on it, and i was wondering what its all about. What sort of stuff do you do? Same sort of stuff as recruits? Most importantly, is it dry like the recruits course? or can you get down the naafi for a couple after training?
You will cover NBC, first aid and lots of shooting over 5 GAP weekends. Yes you will get to have a couple but as ranges are involved....keep the heid!
Its actually a 2 week course mate. I was expecting to do gaps weekends with my unit but apparantly that has changed. I guess the content is the same tho, sounds good!
browndog01 said:
Most importantly, is it dry like the recruits course? or can you get down the naafi for a couple after training?
Er, it includes 3 days out in the woods. As in starlight and rain. So no, not really dry.

I've been told to expect a lot of excercise, BFT one day, in the gym training the next, BFT, endurance, BFT etc. Not like the recruit course. Don't rock up and expect an easy ride! Get fit, and get your kit. You'll need webbing, 2nd issue, sleeping system and so on.
browndog01 said:
Its actually a 2 week course mate.
Sensible idea, but running it as a 2 week course?? End result is that I could expect to see a trained Siggie in around 3 years time (if they do minimum 'camp' commitment).

Weird thou, its sounds more like the recruit cadre I did when I joined.
It's module one, phase one part two. It's run by the officer training wing, and was aimed at getting the POs through initial training as soon as possible. The soldiers form the largest amount of people going, because there are more of them waiting for part two. It finishes on the Friday, so the last weekend is open for additional training back at barracks. Continuation has only been one and a half months for some of the guys attending. It's seems like a smooth process.
Strensall ...... 8O ....... Queen Elizabeth Bks .... Oh boy are you gonna enjoy that :lol: :lol: :lol:

A fine oustanding Barracks and Training Ground 'abandond' just north of York (York - A place where a fine night out can be had and lots of falling over juice supped)....

Used to be a Reg Infantry Trg Camp, but they went up-market and moved the operation to that other fine holiday camp Catterick (Says a lot for Strensall when Catterick is described as up-market!!!)

Now the home to TA Trainers (fine bunch) and a Medic Unit (Also a fine bunch...) Strange that .... TA trg and Reg Medic Unit all in the same camp ..... more on the job practise for the Medics??? Plus about 10 Zillion Sheep each and every one with a personality disorder on the trg ground (some people call them attack sheep, others darling.....)

Oh and not to forget the regular invasion of 'Baby Squaddies' more commonly known as Cadets :?

Usual duty jiff jobs are handed out, incl guards... a task, that at QEB has always amazed people, I mean... why the f*ck would anyone want to break into the place??? .... out? yes!!! but in!!!! 8O

Accomodation is errr, well, mmm better than Oakhampton (Dartmoor) but then an old 'poncho bivvy' on the top of Ben Nevis is better than that place...

NAAFI? well its the NAAFI, nuff said! Cookhouse, not bad, got too admit that one.... saying that though, not for nothing does the 'choggy' that sets up outside camp drive a brand spankers merc :wink:

Apart from all that..... Enjoy your course, it is actually survivable.... and to any Regs out there who actually have time to get some courses in-between the Sandpit 'Play' sessions, Pre-Sandpit Trg, Penguin Spotting, Pre Penguin Trg, Regt Duties, Balken Juants and all of the other fun things our dear leader seems to line up these days, not forgetting leave of course, but please, please don't tell Dear Leader about that else he will find another tour to fill it..... Try getting on some of the 'Spec' courses run there by the TA Trainers (Regs do most of the teaching) they are good courses, run by people who know what they are talking about etce. The MOI one is especially good.
Strensall has the worst cookhouse I have ever eaten in. I hope someone has gripped the civvy people who prepare and serve the food.

NAAFI? well its the NAAFI
There's a fecking NAAFI?!?!? Where? The closest I found was either the Mess' or Guard House (for cash machine). Lot's of PO's, cadets etc hanging around such parts.

Ripon is almost as bad.
Yes but the Naafi is not nice, looks like the barmaids could do with running the odd BPFA
Six Bells is a couple of mins away just get out the gates and hang a R, they do a quiz night on Weds and Sun - on the way back drop into the Chinky (spare ribs are nice).
Watch out for the Pils in the Bells (Sam Smiths pub), it's looney juice, you'll feel great at the time but a thick head in the morning!

If the course that you're on is a 2 weeker it sounds like phase 2? devilish is right with the content - you should've had an admin order telling you what you're upto and what you need to bring.

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