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Howdy, my application to the regular Army has been deffered for nine months until may '07. This is due to something on my medical docs, i'm still waiting for the reason. If it's something I can't appeal against, a few people have suggested joining a TA regiment until I can reapply.

Surely if i've been defferred on medical grounds, I cannot join the TA? Also, what kind of benefits would joining the TA give me when and if I started phase 1?
You may be able to join TA but it would depend on your medical problem !

If you joined TA it would probably aid your application to the regs and you may kind your phase one training a little easier.

you'll do the same sort of things as you would with the regs just a bit faster!
If you are going to join the regs take the next nine months to do as many un military things as poss as the chances and opportunities may not arise for some time

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