Gap year with the Para Regt

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by man_in_slippers, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, just recently signed up and quite liking the site. :thumright:

    I am thinking of taking a year out between sixth form and uni, and spending it with 4th Bn Para Regt. The website says that you do your training and spend a year with a regular battalion and do a 3-6 month tour, and quite looking forward to doing it!

    Anyone done the gap year or worked with the gap year lads?

  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    God in heaven....go do good works in Africa, lie in the sun, shag Swedish blondes on tour, drink beer...THEN go and play soldiers.
  3. Gap Year Commission's have been stopped.
  4. Fair play mate, just wondered as there is some information on the 4Para webpage. May just join 4Para as a 'normal' officer or soldier :salut:
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The info shown on the website is correct, and it is not a gap year commission. You would be taken on by 4 Para and do 120 days (or whatever the max amount of MTDs is) on 4 Para strength.

    This would include your basic recruit training (4 weeks in Albania last year), CIC and P Coy in Catterick plus you basic Para course at Brize Norton. Within that time frame you should also expect to get a basic driving licence (if you do not have one), do some adventure training and go to either Arnhem or Normandy for the annual commemorative event.

    As you ge close the end of your TA days, you would be mobilised to one of the Regular Para Bns for a 6 month attachment, hopefully to include at least some of an Op Tour.

    Last year was the first one and went well, but obviously had some teething problems. It should be better this year.

    Hope that is of some help,

  6. Cheers mate thats some relief! Just out of curiousity what would my 'job' involve? That may sound bone lol, but I want to know what I could be letting myself in for! I am hopefully going to study medicine at uni so I wouldnt mind learning a bit of combat medicine if thats possible. :plotting:
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You would join as a Pte soldier (Tom), and do all of the stuf that the inf job entails. In the time you have available, it would be possible to do a section medics type course, but there are no guarantees.

    Do it for the soldiering, not for the medical side of life. You will get plenty of chances to do that when you are a doctor.
  8. Probably a bit of running, maybe some digging if your lucky!!!

    Have a look under 'I' in the dictionary for 'infantry'
  9. Digging eh? I could dig up my back garden but it just isnt the same as being ordered about by a RSM with a bushy tache.

    Anyway looking well forward to it, should give me something to remember whilst I am at med school.

    Cheers for the advice guys.
  10. Do you like mortars, by any chance?
  11. The idea of working in a mortar section/platoon would be interesting
  12. You've never met 3 Para Mortars then...?
  13. Afraid not... that a bad thing?
  14. OUCH......
  15. Better "ouch" than "mmmm".