Gap Year with 4 PARA?

Hi all,

Thought i'd post this in the infantry forum too.

I've been looking at doing this Gap Year programme with 4 PARA as it looks quite interesting.

Just wondering if anyone on here has done this before or has anyone any advice for signing up to this progamme?

I'm in the TA at the moment as a recruit. Would i just hand my notice in with my current unit and then apply to 4 PARA?

My main other question would be the fitness side of things - anyone advise on a training programme?

Any help would be great!


you should be able to transfer across, however you will become a new joe! The fitter you are the better, but they will work you up to P coy over the course of 8 or 9 weekends spread over about 3-4 months. As long as your determined and listen to what your being told you'll be fine. The feeling you get when receiving your beret on the |parade ground when (if) you pass is magic mate!
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