Gap Year with 4 PARA?

Hi all,

Came accross this Gap Year programme with 4 PARA and looks quite interesting.

Just wondering if anyone on here has done this before or has anyone any advice for signing up to this progamme?

I'm in the TA at the moment as a recruit. Would i just hand my notice in with my current unit and then apply to 4 PARA?

My main other question would be the fitness side of things - anyone advise on a training programme?

Any help would be great!


Monkey 8)
feck knows, but it looks like an amazing opportunity. I would get in quick as you have just announced it to assembled Arrsers. Good luck.
DON'T "hand in your notice". The procedure is to transfer. Your Chief Clerk at your current will have the relevant form, MOD XXX, forget the number (but he should know). But go and talk to 4 PARA first and then have a chat with your OC.

It can be quite tedious administratively but the potential admin palaver involved in leaving and re-joining makes the blood run cold.

I also am jealous and wish they had had this when I was 18.
As stated above don't quit where you are just now. First step is click on the webpage and fill in the form.

If you have ants in your pants suggest that you telephone HQ and ask to talk to someone. (0845 433 0422)
Ok thanks 8)

I shall give my unit a call later and see what they say.

Would anyone on this board been and done anything like this before or maybe done P coy & could give some advice on what to expect?

Thanks 8)
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