Gap year with 4 para?

If you are considering a gap year why not try our programme and get*paid for it as well. 4 PARA, our reserve battalion started their gap year programme on the 5th June 2009, come and be part of something great. Contact 4 PARA on 01904 664566 or*call the Recruitment and Strategy Officer on 01206 817086

I found this at the bottom of the parachute regiment officers recruiting page and I was just wondering what spending a gap year with 4 para would entail
I take it I will be serving as a soldier, but to what degree also how much time will I be expected to be training with them etc etc
Hmmm...initiative task.

My penneth worth - there have been reports of TA warriors becoming too indoctrinated for entry to RMAS for reg commission (admittedly, after more than a year).

It depends what you want to get out of a gap year - I didn't do one (but my degree was a sandwich with a year in industry), others I knew bummed around and got smashed (much like their 3 years at uni...).

There are other threads on here that discuss the virtues of gap years, but I think the current feeling is you'd better make it a worthwhile one, not just "it's been soooooo hard finishing school that I simply must have a break and get drunk for a year and travel the world".

If you are interested in doing a TA gap year to make your mind up, then it will be very different to RMAS and then life as a young officer.

If you are interested so as to gain "military experience", then plenty go to RMAS without any of that and succeed.

Think hard about the delay to going to Uni, the delay to getting to RMAS (the upward age trend is becoming a worry apparently - too many geriatric troop/platoon commanders!) and with a year of TA, the risk of injury, being trawled for an op tour, enjoying it so much you sack off your degree plans...

I caveat all of the above with the fact that you may well thrive on it, gain massive experience and develop as an individual and therefore find it worthwhile.

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