gap year through uni and a tour?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. currently a uni student. and have now been imformed that ican now take a year out and go on op tour. just wondered has anyone actually done this? if not why? any advice would be helpfull. cheers
  2. I have heard about allot of TA chaps just like you ;)

    Don't worry it's quite common and it's better then just bummig about, not that you will be but you know what I mean :)

    Enjoy yourself safely!
  3. My mate took a gap year between his first and second year and went to Northern Ireland. He and I then took a gap year after uni before we got "proper" jobs and went away again. It is easy to do, its great fun and Unis are normally pretty cool with it!
  4. Can't help you on the advice as I haven't done it, although I did look into it before joining the TA (but got offered a postgrad I couldn't refuse and didn't take a gap year as a result). Have a look at this web page for some info on the gap year organised by 4 Para. It's booked up for this year's intake, but worth a look anyway.
  5. Speak to PSI or PSAO they will let you know whats available - yes it may be doable - im on Telic 9 for mine.

    then go on the gap year just got back from phase 1 in albania it's the shit

    yea i've had to fiddle RCB dates but i'm getting great experience for RMAS an life in general.