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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by TheMinister, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I find myself with an involuntary gap year due to unis etc (definately got a place next year though).
    Right now I'm applying for jobs out the country (chalet host, watersports instructor, the usual gap year stuff) but due to the "current economic climate" these are a little hard to come by.

    Supposing I don't get anything and have to stay at home- would there be any point in joining the TA for 1 year? Would they even have me? Might I learn something useful, or just waste everybody's time?

    Many thanks,

  2. yes and yes (I have my MSR hat on today :wink: )

    Edited to add: If you intend to join the TA/ regs after or whilst you are still at Uni then go for it mate :) . Like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. But if you are just joining to earn a few quid and play with guns then please don't bother because a) you wont enjoy it it and b) you really will waste everybodys time effort and tax payers money.
  3. Join the TA and learn a lot. Then stay in the TA when you join Uni and get paid for your time training including your bounty, so not only will you not have to eat value beans on value bread all the time but two weekends a month all your meals are provided for you. When you graduate you'll have a CV with more bang than your peers, less debt and if the worst comes to the worst and you can't find a job after graduation you could always go on tour.
  4. So it's certainly worth looking into. 4 para seems perhaps a little ambitious- I'm just down the road from E Company Royal Rifle Volunteers (in Milton Keynes) (Thats errr E company 7 rifles).

    What sort of commitment am I expected to make if I do join? Is it possible/worthwhile to sign some bits of paper, do three or four weekends and then bugger off to the med if I get a proper job?

    I was looking more at doing OTC whilst at uni, it supposedly fits in better with student life. Plus uni's don't look to kindly on taking years out during study, so an operation tour would be a recipe for failing my degree. But I haven't ruled out TA- if the commitment is right.
  5. Before you receive loads of abuse on here; why are you looking at joining the TA? Is it because you have a genuine interest in joining the Army or are you just looking to spend, what you seem to think is, some easy time dossing and getting paid for it?

    You have either phrased your questions VERY badly, this is a wah or you are a complete tosser. Please delete as applicable
  6. If you join the TA for a year and pass your recruit training, you can transfer to the OTC (which is part of the TA) when you go to university. You would normally go direct into second year in the OTC missing out the first years training.

    You would then be year ahead of most other people joining the OTC and in a good position to get a TA commision through the OTC in your second or third year.

    If you are in the TA at university you wont get mobilised unless you actively volunteer for it. Under the Reserve Foces Act 1996 as a full time student you have automatic grounds for exemption from being mobilised- so they just wont bother trying to mobilise you unless you push for it.

    Yes you can join, do a few weeks and then clear off. You can effectively leave any time you want. However that doesn't mean you will be very popular. The whole MOD budget is very tight just now and this has fed down to the TA training budget. Any unit you join will be looking to get real value for money out of training you.
  7. Get yourself down to the RRV and talk through your circumstances with the PSAO/Recruiting Officer.

    To be honest, whether you join the TA depends on how fast you can get through the system. There are financial constraints on the TA at the moment which are affecting all of the training, including recruit training. You may just about finish Phase 1 training by the time you go to uni next year. If you then join the OTC, you will have gained some benefit in terms of a limited amount of military experience.

    However, the TA unit willl lose you and the resources they have invested in you. If I were the recruiter, I would say "Try another unit" in order to give someone with better prospects of staying in the RRV a place on the phase 1 course.

    Forget 2 weekends a month. You will probably be limited to 39 MTD in the first year, and probably less.

    My 2p: Get a real job in your gap year, if you can find one, and save some cash - you will need it to fund uni. Join the OTC when you get there. If you like it so much, think about taking AOSB - this gives you a regular or TA entry to Sandhurst. Then either go regular or become that rarest of creatures: a TA Young Officer under the age of 40!

    Don't worry about being called a war-dodger, you're not even in the TA yet! :) And it will still be going after you graduate...............

    Good luck, whatever you choose.
  8. Sorry, I should have explained myself a bit better- can't really expect you guys to know me + read through my long and pointless post history....

    I've been considering joining for a while now. The original plan (from the nice man at the careers office) was go to uni, do OTC, see how that goes and they will help me put in an application if I do want to go ahead with it.

    I'm a little reticent to permanently sign up to things now- a four year degree is a long time to change my mind, but I want to do something useful with my gap year, and I doubt I'll learn much by running of to conserve andean nose-flute-playing bears in south america.
  9. Aha- exactly what I was hoping someone would say. Thanks ever so much.
  10. Would a TA unit be interested in me getting that far then running off to OTC (and then possibly onto another unit or even regulars)?
    I can see the benefit to me in terms of experience, skills, CV etc but are the TA going to want to do that?

    So general impression- yes, there's stuff to learn that is transferrable to OTC, go talk to the nice careers man. Thanks ever so much guys, you've pretty much answered my question.

    And err sorry for the triple post.
  11. In which case, as has already been said on here, go for it! :D join your local TA or OTC (TA will, IMO give you a better understanding of soldiering than the OTC which is, as the name implies, geared to training you to be an officer). We have a number of students in my unit, most of whom are great lads but a small minority just want to play with guns and look hard as f#ck :roll: on photos on facebook. Give it 100% and you will have a great time.
  12. You can be in the TA and as long as you can get the weekends and CMSR (2 weeeks basic training course) in before you go off onto chalet maid or whatever, you can then go to Uni and join the OTC as a TASO (Territorial Army Sponsored Officer). This means you get to do all things OTC and also have the opportunity to train with your TA sponsoring unit. the benefits are more pay, more training opportunities and option to do all your officer training and end up with a group A commission, as opposed to a group B commission.

    I would agree with what has been said before about wasting the training budget of your chosen TA unit and then fecking orf. We have had that happen on a couple of occasions and in the current climate it does make us a little peeved. However, I prefer to look at the bigger picture and whilst we might lose someone to another unit at a later date, it is still an additional soldier in the Army as a whole and possibly an extra pair of boots on the ground in hot places. Whilst it affects the unit budget by some degree it is still coming out of the big budget given to the TA/Regs as a whole and the Army as a whole still needs people to join up.

    I strongly recommend that you head down to your local unit and have a chat with the PSAO to discuss your options.