Gap Year Commissions

Discussion in 'Officers' started by supmylo, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. I am interested to know what people think of gap year commission officers, my son has expressed an interest in gaining a gap year commission when he leaves school. How much responsibility are they actually given?
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    That's an interesting question. In my limited experience of GYC officers, they are given responsibility appropriate for the amount of training they've had, and nobody expects them to be supermen. Others will have had a lot more to do with them than I have, but my own feeling is that if your son is keen to do this, you should give him every encouragement: it will be an experience which stands him in extremely good stead.
  3. I've had dealings with GYC at University Officers Training Corps once they've moved onto Uni and agree with Cpunk. We've had some who have been very strong and others not so, however all seem to have enjoyed the experience whether or not they've been involved in BATUS or done adventure training for a year.

    As a forewarning if your son completes a GYC then subsequently decides to train with an OTC he may not automatically retain his comissioned status (down to the CO of the OTC) right away but I wouldn't let that stop him being involved with the OTC if he wants.
  4. There is a former GYC chap in our Regiment. From the sounds of it he just carried it across :)
  5. Yep, agree with the above. GYC guys and gals get to see a lot of Army life in their year (adv trg, sport alongside a variety of posting within the Corps selected). In my experience, a vast majority of them eventually pass through RMAS (if not with the same capbadge) anyway. If they don't, then I am sure they and their civilain employer will be better for it.

    The guys, generally, like them as well. They realise they have little mil trg and so they take them under their wing in a way that they wouldn't necessarily do with a regular 2 Lt fresh from the Factory.

    Overall, a great scheme that I fully back.
  6. I must agree with all here, I know 3 GYC subbies back at home ( 1x Sigs, 1x LI, 1x BW) and they are all great guys. As has been said GYC subbies only have 4 weeks at sandhurst before they are passed out.

    One of my best mates, the BW subbie spent time some as a platoon commander, and a fair bit on exercises in warriors. Then they packed him off skiing to verbier. Other than that orderly officer type stuff back at barracks is pretty common place.

    For someone that age the responsibility given is above and beyond people similar to him.
    How many people stacking shelves at sainsb*rys have 30 people under their command?

    I believe that GYC Subbies are shown the best that the regiment has to offer in the hope that they will come back following sandhurst as a badged 2lt.

    Re: OTC, ALL of the subbies I know have kept their 2lt pips on arrival to their OTC units, but they are all within Wales UOTC, so it might be different at others.

    From my experiences of them, I would thoroughly recommend your son having a crack. He'll earn good money and he should have a great experience.

  7. Can you apply for a GYC after University? Some go trekking around the World after graduation, could you feasably go for a GYC?
  8. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not strictly true...

    The purpose of a GYC is to take people who will probably be future leaders of industry (or at least in charge of businesses!) and give them a great year. This means that thirty years hence, they will look at the army in a favourable light and will be more likely to look positively on TA employees etc.
  9. The next GYC is the last one (and it starts on 25 Sep 05). The funding and justification are both lacking at the moment.
    It may return, but who can tell?

    You can't do it after you graduate but you can do it as a gap during your course (2 on last year's course IIRC) and then return to uni. If you don't want to do it full time at first you could always consider joining the TA as a potential officer and going to RMAS for the TA CC.
  10. As a former GYC I can only say that it is by far the best decision that I ever made. I matured faster and learnt more about life in one year than at any time previously or since (which to be fair hasn't been that long). It is certainly hard and it requires a degree of strength of character to realise how little you know and to ask for help while still getting on with the job... but it is a brilliant experience.

    If it is true that the next course is to be the last, and I have heard this from other sources, then it is a true shame and I believe a loss to the army as a whole.
  11. Not quite true, im going for a UGAP right now, you need to be doing a degree which requires that you take an industrial year. The more technical degrees require this (so almost all Beng) and I belive that the more technical regiments take more on.
  12. Hugogo, I am entirely correct. You are an example of one way of doing it. Another way is to be doing any four year course that requires any placement, another way is to be taking a year out of your course by agreement with your faculty/university.

    There is no money for the course in 2007 at the moment, so don't go making too many plans.
  13. Cheesypoptart did a UGAP commision pm him and see what's up he took one of the first available.
  14. Hey all i'm just about to start my gap year training at Sandhurst and would be gratefull for any advice anyone has to offer about GYC Sandhurst training or tips for the year. thanks
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Top tip: leave your boots outside your room last thing at night and the Colour Sergeant or CSM will come round and clean them for you.