Gap year commissions to make come back.

"The MOD should examine establishing a gap year
commission and a short service engagement scheme."

This was one of the recommendations from the review of the reserves. I think it may refer to either the old scheme making a come back.


Members from Ta units with TA commissions spending a year in a field army unit in a regular post.

The first possibility would be great, however I think that the second possibility would not be the best idea. The level of reserve forces officer education would have to increase if TA YOs would ever be able to deal with the demands placed on them. I am sure that some would be able to have a good STAB at it though.
It's a shame the GYC's went out.. I was really interested in doing one before they went up in smoke. I understand the reason obviously.

congrats on the Punned use of STAB caused a flicker of joviality accross my otherwise bored student face.

I think they're a good idea, but do you think we can handle the added strain again yet?

They never were a strain, either a good bloke or girl would tip up and be a good addition to the mess.

If a complete tit turned up you just had a years worth of piss taking banter ahead of you. We did abuse some of our old Gappies.
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