Gap Year Commissions and the OTC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jjgg125, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. Hello all.
    i just wanted to ask someone who knows about these sort of things about joining the OTC having done a GYC.

    i did a GYC last year and having arrived at uni, ive been rather disapointed by the OTC. Having spoken with some of the other ex GYC Officers who have now started university, the procedure seems to vary hugely from university to university. Some GYC Officers have their commissions immediately reinstated on arrival at their UOTC and are therefore receiving TA Second Lieutenant’s pay at £54.23 per day, rather than Officer Cadets pay at £34.31 per day.

    dispite having spent a year in the regular army, having achieved the top 10% pass at RCB that you need for a GYC, the OTC wanted me to do their selection weekend which seems slightly ridiculous to me.

    anyway im told that i will be put in with the second years, doing MTQ2. Clearly it is frustrating to be faced with being trained in material that I was teaching my platoon last year, alongside OCdts whose experience is limited to less than a year of OTC training. However far more concerning is the fact that I will be on almost 40% less pay than my GYC peers at other universities, which I am sure you can appreciate makes a substantial difference to a student’s bank balance.

    the OTC are saying that once ive done MTQ2 and the JUO cadre in the summer, then i can get my commission back, until then i just get paid a load less than my friends at other universities.

    does anyone know what the official ruling is, if there is one?
  2. How dare they treat you like a normal person! You were a h'officer for a year, call out their adj and spit at their RSM.

    Grow up.
  3. im sorry if it seems trivial to you.

    the reason for my frustration is nothing to do with the fact that i WAS an officer. i couldnt care less what goes on my rank slide. i DO care what goes into my bank balance though, and as a student the difference in pay is substantial. the difference between having a little minus sign on my bank statement or not.
  4. U sir are a C0ck.

    Its entirely up to the CO of the UOTC in question. If you spent a year doing AT etc then why would you know more than MTQ1 students.

    Every year we get a few in cambridge. Most are great, but some are made to do MTQ2 etc.
  5. Fair enough...
  6. i completely appreciate the fact that some spend their year with their regimental tiddlywinks team and do no military stuff. but then why should these people be paid as 2lts at other uotcs? having said that they all went to Sandhurst and were taught to at least MTQ2 standard.
  7. Rant begins.......

    I yesterday spoke to a GYC who was told they would have to do mtq2 if they went into otc, whilst keeping their pip during the process. They therefore has decided not to bother - nearly a year of 3rd yr JUOs smugly teaching said officer when they have no more experience was not attractive. This has deprived the OTC of an officer who was keen and would have been a real benefit to the unit.

    Even if they have done 6 months of ad trg most gycs will have spent a lot more time on ex than any otc cadet does in their time. also dont gyc have to do 7qs at rmas. however quickly they have to do it I cannot believe it is done to a lower standard at RMAS than in an OTC.

    last year one of the gunner gycs did the commando course, would he be told to lose his commission in certain otcs (and yes, although the cdo cse is as much physical as military, this guy clearly had a very military year).

    Some OTCs simply do not appreciate the pool of talent they have available to them (reference the other thread on misuse of subbies). If GYCs have a group A unit of their capbadge near their uni they should tip their hat at their adjt. Even if you dont want to command a troop while at uni, plenty of units would happily take an officer on strength to help (adven trg, general teaching) as having someone to do that job better than none. a YO with time to run expeds for soldiers who would not otherwise get opportunity to go is much more worthwhile than the same service in an OTC.

    also, going from working with soldiers to ocdts is something of a retrograde step.

    finally. GYCs get the best deal going in the Army. If they are f;;ked around by the OTC, how much of the pr value of the GYC scheme is being lost? also how many officers (who were in top 10% of rcb passes) who might otherwise have returned to the regs be lost?

    .....rant over
  8. thanks, does anyone think he should re do mtQ2?

    can a gyc also confirm if they had to pass practac
  9. we didnt have to do practac, though we learnt all the orders, estimate, 7 questions stuff.
  10. Its the UOTC, not the army. Dont like it? Join the TA.
  11. 'There is one army in England, the regulars, the territorials and the OTC' FM Montgomery

    He knew a bit about soldiering, I defer.

    Also if 'its the otc, not the Army' then why worry about mtq2?

    I take it you haven't passed off the old college square?
  12. Well if you are only talking about england i best be quiet.

    No i dont have a commission and i'm insanely jealous because all i want to do at University is be in the army, i dont actually want that degree thingy.
  13. Well, having both a commission and a degree (or 2) I had better not cross swords with your rapier like Scottish undergraduate wit too much.

    I am willing to bet you do just as much otc as cadets who commission while at university, they just choose to challenge themselves instead of simply working out how many mtds they can squeeze out of the system.

    Oh, the only military training FM Slim had before commissioning was a bit of time in Brum otc.
  14. 2 degrees! My hero, marry me. I'm not Scottish either. UOTC YOs challenge themselves.... in fact anyone in the UOTC challenge themself.... i hope you mean in the mess, else i know you are joking. What has FM Slim got to do with this? The main factor is, the UOTC is a student club for those with a military interest - people who think its the Army or TA, kid themselves.