A good way for young people to get some experience of the army.
Presumably that depends on their sex or sexual orientation.... :wink:
Well I was thinking of their sexual orientation being more along the 'traditional' :!: lines than the more recent 'trendy' and 'right on' orientation :oops:
Crow, you appear to have a problem with these Gap Year Commissioned officers! :lol: I take it you have one in your mess. Do you not find them to be of any use appart from morale? :wink:
May I offer a view from elsewhere in the food chain? Gap Year gimps have shown their worth in my Regiment for the past 2 years; they tend to be enthusiastic, are game for a laugh, bizzarely willing to listen to and learn from SNCOs and are generally people that yer average Tom can relate to more closely than the average Rupert because they share the same taste in music and clothes. That's the down side.

Conversely, they provide amusing diversions in the Mess, are great for picking up extra duties and are cheap alternative baby-sitters for the CO. Will we see them back...strangely, yes, we do. :D

Keep 'em coming. At least they provide sufficient turnover of Tp Comds for the SSM to sharpen his teeth on.

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