Gap Year Commisions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TreuUndFest, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Good Evening,
    I am currently in Lower VI at school, studying for A levels, with the possible of intention of pursuing a military career post University.
    Whilst trawling the school library, I came across an army leaflet circa 2004, on the topic of Gap Year Commissions. No mention of these were made during a brief meeting with an Army careers advisor, and after searching the web to no avail, I can only presume they are no longer being offered.
    Could anyone confirm or deny this for me?
    Many Thanks
  2. Google is your friend you halfwit.
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  3. Halfwit I may be, but I can't find any recent information regarding above- nothing since 2005.
    Just thought straight from the horses mouth etc...
  4. Could it possibly be that they haven't been offered for years?
  5. Is this new terminology for what was the SSC ?

  6. Perhaps the Army is not for you after all..During your assessment at RMAS you'll be tasked with finding your way out of a paper bag...I think you may fail.
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  7. The old SSLC
  8. I think the failure conversation at RMAS is..."your skills could be better utilised elsewhere"

    In my day - it was "**** off you failed you ****" its off to the The Light Regiment for you sonny
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  9. Ahh, indeed.......................................................can't say I was a big fan, 3 years and then away to be 'something in the city'
  10. The scheme ended in 2005 partly due to a shortfall in funding. Bit of a shame as it was a good idea at the time.
    Possibly your only other option for a gap year is the TA.
  11. orrr, if that doesn't appeal.......

    a) Hold breath for 8 minutes.

    b) Die.

    (to OP, not Slick)
  12. Wasn't it 9 months (after a brief waft through Sandhurst) of being generally unusable but then going off to uni to lord it over the OTC as someone akin to Montgomery?
  13. Or...apply as i did for a short service commission in the 80's ...which turned into a long service commission and made me the **** i am.RMAS.....shitters
  14. Thought it was 3 years, 6 for certain corps???

    Been an LEC, I am not only unsure but old to boot !
  15. The SSC was for three years, the SSLC was the gap year commission, a sort of SSC 'very lite' for want of a better phrase.