Gap between main board and Sandurst start


I have my main board in February, and am planning on going to Sandhurst in September if I am successful. I am going travelling for a couple of months in between the two and am unsure is there anything that will be required of me from the Army between main board in Feb and September?

I heard about a pre Sandhurst course, is this something everyone has to go on before term starts? What are the timings like with this? Do they offer a variety of dates? As long as I can do it before May or in late July/Aug then I'm fine, don't want to mess things up, particularly as I have just booked my flights!

There is a PCCBC course that is (I think) 3 days. Medical, boot issue etc. It is non-optional but don't know anything about dates, I think there are a few per Sandhurst intake.
As far as I've heard they run them periodically up until a month(ish) before each intake. So by the sounds of it you should be fine.
As usual, if you want a real answer phone Westbury/Sandhurst/sponsor, who can most likely give you the exact dates for 2010.

Best of luck at Main Board.

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