Gangsta Shooting Positions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Accidental_discharge, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. There is a link somewhere on the board leading to some quite educational shooting positions by "Gangsta Revolutionaries", but I cannot find it. Anyone remember were it is? Frigging hilarious.

  2. I see that they have been taught to shoot by Americans :wink:
  3. It sure is!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    They all are soooo brave, runing around with no cover, but then no one's firing any aimed shots are they!!!
  4. :D 8O :D 8O :D 8O If only I had been taught like that on the ranges then luck willing maybe I would be a better shot lol
  5. Was anyone actually killed in the conflict in the pictures, if so were they by accident i.e. ricochet
  6. I once got told that the reason 'Gangstas' hold their weapons is that a Police department got consulted about gang behaviour for a film. At that time they were taking massive casualties from gang related incidents, so they told the film crew that they use positions where it is impossible to use sights, cases fall back into the working parts and cause stoppages etc. Hey presto, gangstas think it's cool and have the weapon handling of mongs.

    OK, OK, so I'm a fcuking spotter, I'm bored.
  7. However, I saw an article the other day (where? dunno - I'm too old) that one of the better pistol makers are making sights that fit onto the side of the weapon to accommodate just this sort of hold. White plastic sort of things.
  8. damn - should not have opened that link until breakfast was finished with...

    now going to have to spend the rest of the morning extracting soggy cornflakes from the keyboard.

  9. It was a piss take done by Birdman weapon systems many years ago, if that is what you are referring to.
  10. Actually by coincidence I was chatting with a friend of a friend who came out drinking with me a few weeks ago. He lives in London and works for the metropolitan police and claims that alot of gang related shoootings actually cause injury to their own gang members due to the fact that they hold the guns sideways and up above their heads pointing downwards trying to look cool. He described an incident where a gang member had shot his bezzer. Four shots were fired, the third hit the gang members mate in the knee and the intended victim escaped without a scratch. The range, if I remember correctly, was less than eight yards.

    This kind of thing pisses me off. Our nation is in such a sh1t state that even our criminals are crap at what they do. Things like the happy slapping craze - criminals videoing evidence of them committing a crime with which they can later be prosecuted. How stupid is that? At one time criminals used to try and avoid detection.

    Standards are slipping.

    Rap music is at the root of this problem. When white kids start dressing and speaking like they were raised 'on da streetz' of New York there is a problem. A kid who, in order to fit in with his peers, suppresses his brummy twang or Yorkshire drawl, in order to speak in the manner of a GANGSTA (I believe that is the contemporary spelling) should have the shit knocked out of him by his parent/guardian at the earliest manifestation of this behaviour.

    Eminem is a cnut (I do not wish to start a discussion about the merits/lack of which this talentless irritating little ape has) but he probably has more influence on kids than do their parents.

    With the long hours that people work nowadays and (in many cases) the breakdown of family life, it is no wonder that some children see more of the television than they do a responsable father figure. With the time they spend with other kids at school (also media gnomes) and the lack of teachers who can actually control classes these days it is no wonder that the children are influenced in such ways.

    A firmer hand is needed. My suggestion would be to make childrens television where characters like Ali G are ridiculed. I realise that Ali G is a piss take. unfortuantely for many chavs and arseholes in our society the joke is far too subtle and amongst some kids (even in rural Scotland) he is almost hero worshipped.

    If within the media The Gangsta rapper characters were ridiculed as they deserve rather than encouraged the root of the problem may be attacked. Itr wouldn't be difficult. What kind of cnut calls themselves Puff Daddy, Pea Diddy, Ice Cube, Ctauch?

    ''Like the Roman, I seem to see the river Tiber foaming with much blood"
  11. I am often amused by the fact that these types actually refer to themselves as gangstaz, as real gangsters - namely Al Capone and other denizens of Prohibition Era America, who at least knew how to dress - would have cut them to pieces.

    Rap - isn't that the 'music' genre where the 'c' is silent?

    Didn't the good folk of Sierra Leone similarly favour such gun ballet tactics? 'Tis no wonder that a few dozen chaps from Executive Outcomes knocked them for six.
  12. Pure class!!!

    The comments under each picture really top it off.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. 'knocked them for six' as translates> slaughted so many of the mongs, the Federation of African States and the SA republic ANC gov were shocked at the bodycount and pulled the plug on them opperating and asked for UK led peacekeepers to go in.