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Gangsta Names!

polar69 said:
What is the fascination with american red neck culture ?
Now what does that have to do with red necks? Ganstas are purely inner city anomolies and not rural trailer dwelling pastimes.

Red necks don't give each other names like "Cletus one tooth" or "Bubba the bruiser" they stick with Cletus and Bubba.

polar69 said:
Couldn't really say n***** could i ?
Why not it's the NAAFI after all, and there is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, but implying a spade is a red neck now that is down right offensive to all us single brain celled red necks, and even more offensive to all the edumacated red necks.

'Good-ass hung daddy'. Crikey, it's unlikely to scare anyone. Best mate was 'drunken monkey hunter', now that's more accurate. Chick was 'two fishes snatch', couldn't be more accurate. Poor girl.

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