Gangs rampage in Sudans capital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 3, 2005.

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    We need to be getting in and getting a grip of this now. The last time an African leader died in an air crash , lots of people died.
  2. If they want to act like animals then let them, i'm sick and tired of the West acting as if we should respond to everything that happens abroad.

  3. You're sick and tired? No worries, we'll wait for them all to arrive at Dover with a legitimate claim to asylum shall we?

    When was the last time the West acted premptively to prevent a disaster?
  4. Let them get on with it, muslim killing muslim, sounds good to me...less of them to try and screw our system. Not one Sudanese should be let into the country if they have travelled through or over a safe country.
  5. The Southern Sudanese are Christians. They fought a rebel war because they were being persecuted and brutalised.
  6. Off you go then..........
  7. And then when it all goes to shit we still get blamed! Either way we loose mate. Which would you prefer, leaving them to get on with it or a few more british service personnel's names on the role of the war dead?

    sorry just in a bit of a mood... :?
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There isn’t the political will to help out and why should there be? Every time the west has stepped in to solve problems in Africa it has only been a short term fix and the country involved has reverted to type shortly afterwards. Africa has to evolve from the tribal barbaric society it is today into something better before we should further engage with them. We colonised the continent and introduced all our western democratic ways. After we left they rejected all of that and so they have to figure out for themselves what they want. If they are going to kill each other off while they find out then so be it, their choice.

    If you feel so strongly you should be doing more then why not volunteer to go out there yourself and put your money where your mouth is part time politician, instead of suggesting others put their lives on the line all the time?
  9. let them slot each other throwing money and resources at the problem has not helped. Ethiopia, Somalia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Rawanda, Sudan, etc..

    There is a saying you can take the animal out of the jungle but never the jungle out of the animal. Holds true in this case.
  10. Because I already have put my money where my mouth is in 1994. I got off my arrse and got directly involved in the last mess when an aircraft crashed and people started murdering each other wholesale. I didn't stick a pound in the poor box or buy a wristband or a single, I got out there and did it.

    It was the most bloody awful thing I ever saw, but I am glad I did it , it means I can speak from personal experience , of what happens when a situation like this is left to fester. Before I went to Rwanda , my opinion was mostly in the "They bring it on themselves" camp. But having seen how a few people in charge on either side, can destroy the lives of the populace , I realised the vast majority of those affected are just Civpop who want to get on with their lives in peace.

    We should, as the first world, be doing our best to ensure they can, and bring some hard pressure to bear on those leaders that drive their countries into the gutter for personal gain or greed.

    I made the point on another thread, that I had yet to see St. Geldof criticise the real villains of the piece in Africa, and I'm still waiting.I guess bitching about Schroder, Chirac, Blair etc , is far more newsworthy than actually criticising the small clique in each of these trobled countries who are directly responsible.

    When I say "We need to be doing something to stop this sliding into conflict, I am not suggesting invading Sudan, it's not 1890.

    I'm saying we , as in the rest of the world, need to be getting a grip of this situation , and actively doing something to stop that part of the continent sliding towards another civil war. The first choice is through the UN and the AU. Africa says it wants to do more to sort out the problems on it's continent, so let's make sure they have the tools, the means and the support to do that. Civil wars in Africa, have a habit of spreading fast , and in this case the fighting is going to be between Muslims and Christians, and in this current climate , that is dangerous.

    We can argue all day long that it is nothing to do with us, and let them get on with it. After all, the media needs it's staple diet of starving babies and kids getting bits blown off them. Somalia was nothing to do with us, but my locale is stiff with Somalian asylum seekers. How did that happen? They're busy driving up the crime figures hereabouts , including attempting to break into this building at 06.30, 6 months ago and causing resentment and problems, but they are here, even though Somalia "was not our problem"

    Strange, when anyone suggests invading Zimbabwe , no one says "Oh you're volunteering our troops, why don't you get off your Arrse and do it yourself" No one says "Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation and it's nothing to do with us" Why is that exactly?

    It's one planet, we all have to live on it. Yes I do believe we should do more to help our fellow man. I don't believe that should be non-stop handouts and pop concerts , but I do believe we should be acting pre-emptively to stop situations that will affect us in the medium to long term, snowballing.

    Maybe the appointment of a neocon to the World Bank , and a self-confessed reformist at the UN is a step in the right direction.
  11. Sudan = 70 % Muslim who are in effect cleaning out the 5% Christians.
  12. Can't help those that don't want to help themsleves...sorry but they don't want nor should we offer any more help. Once there is a clear winner we can reconsider but while they're sorting each other out let the bodies fall where they may
  13. The winner will be the muslims. So nothing to reconsider..let them stand on their own feet. And that goes for the rest of Africa, IMO.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Much respect for having got of your arrse in 94 to help out – can you tell us a little of what you were doing?

    That aside you cannot fail to see that ctauch hits the nail on the head. They do not want our help, we’ve tried countless times and they have done nothing to help themselves. Remember Somalia, it was all to try and help them get to a better place and the population basically stuck two fingers up at the US and 11 years on it is still a sh1t hole. The same story in one form or another applies to just about every nation in Africa and there is no sign of much change in the future.

    I’m not sure what the answer is but shouldering the responsibility every time they decide to kill each other is not it.
  15. Why should 'we'argue that 'we' should send troops to Sudan? The Chinese are attempting to colonise the place and relieve it of its oil. They should do some 'peacekeeping'. They won't, of course. They're far too wise to get that involved. They'll continue to guard the port, pipeline and their wells, though.