Gangs jailed over hospital clash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Gangs jailed over hospital clash

    The gang members had caused "mayhem and panic"
    Gang members who clashed in a hospital - causing medics and patients to "flee for their lives" - have been jailed.
    The members of the notorious Gooch Close and Longsight Crew gangs stumbled across each other at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Preston Crown Court heard.

    Gang members were in the hospital in April 2004 for treatment after being victims of "drive-by" shootings.

    Eight admitted affray and two admitted public order offences. The judge issued custodial and community sentences.

    The court was told gang members had chased each other through hospital corridors on bikes and pulled guns on their rivals.

    The effect on patients and staff were dramatic and some require counselling

    Judge Andrew Gilbart QC

    But the guns were smuggled out of the hospital in the chaos after police arrived and arrested several gang members and no firearms charges were brought.

    They had clashed in corridors, wards, the x-ray department and the fracture department, causing "mayhem and panic", Robert Elias, prosecuting, said.

    The trouble started after Fabio Ricketts, 20, from the Gooch Gang, spotted a rival in the hospital, he added.

    The Longsight Crew then phoned fellow gang members for back up and two waves of hoodlums soon descended on the hospital, he said.

    "The arrival of the second group caused panic amongst hospital staff and members of the public," he added.

    Medics and staff fled from the gang members

    "At least two individuals were armed with firearms, or imitation firearms, one had a hammer.

    "Hospital staff, patients and visitors fled for their lives."

    As one gang member fled the scene and jumped over a desk, his gun went skimming over the floor, the court heard.

    Passing sentence, Judge Andrew Gilbart QC, said: "Hospitals are essential to the well-being of all and an essential feature of a civilised society.

    'Disgraceful scene'

    "It's a place for care and compassion. I'm not aware of any previous case where the corridors of a hospital and its clinics have been turned into a battleground for the continuation of a feud by street gangs.

    "This was a disgraceful scene in the hospital corridors and clinics. The effect on patients and staff were dramatic and some require counselling."

    Five members of the Longsight Crew were jailed. They were Warren Laing, 25, for 20 months, Tyrone Gilbert, 21, for 20 months, Matthew McFarquahar, 18, for 16 months, Rennie Dixon, 26, for 26 months, and Mark Carroll, 20, for 20 months.

    Three of the Gooch Gang were jailed. Antonio Wint, 18, for 20 months, Fabio Ricketts, 20, for 30 months, and Faisal Aszal, 19, for 21 months. All eight men had pleaded guilty to affray.

    Aszal, Wint and Ricketts were also given five year ASBO orders.

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  2. Fabio Ricketts? He's not a local boy then?
  3. Has to be said, British gangsters are the Walts of the gang world. Get the judge to send them over to me in LA and I'll introduce them to the 18th St Crew.

    Alternatively get the Engineers to dig a hole 100mx100m about 15m deep, put them in it, dump all their weapons in the middle and let them go at it. The last man standing gets a month-long holiday at Porton Down.
  4. we could get it filmed for channel 5 chav wars.
    sort of like robots wars but nobody would get uppset if the things got broken:)
  5. Can you imagine the money you could get from pay per view? It could make more money than my plan for pro-celebrity boxing. I'm sold, let's do it! :D
  6. Why not just use them as training aids for the ultimate-fighting chamionship? :D
  7. Use them on the range.

    The target will fall when hit.

    No need to paste up the holes either!
  8. I say that this story is a hoax.

    UK firearms laws are among the strictest in the world.

    These youths would have had no way of obtaining such weapons and wouldn't dare use them even if they did.
  9. i hope to god this is very strong sarcasm
  10. ...and they only discriminate against the law-abiding. Although the vast majority of gats owned by these kids are shite reactivated Brocock-style efforts, they do seem to be getting their hands on better kit nowadays.

    We had some kids spray down a TSG carrier in East London last year with a MAC-10.

  11. Can I come and live on your planet please.

    Every day I read of a different firearm related incident and that is only in the West Yorkshire Region, small arms, replica's and BB guns are a little more available than you think. the words COFFEE, SMELL and WAKE UP spring to mind.
  12. Now that can't be true because machine guns are illegal like handguns are, so there can't be any in the UK :wink:
  13. NWD, lordy, I wish, honestly, that this 'story' were untrue. I was born and bred in Longsight, and the gangs mentioned are more real then any newspaper or website can reveal. The 'said' gangs have been a part of my life for years. Would you believe me if I said they were using 'silenced' weapons (MAC10s) for the last 10 years or more (gen up)? The stories of what they have been up to, have been the rounds for years. Especially the Gooch Gang. Very, very scary. On a night out their members are easy to ID. You just don't go their nite club. And the above is just a starter. It certainly doesn't stop what has been going on for donks. But it’s a starter. A scary starter……
  14. are you mad - i'll omit the cheap shot (the hammer = about a fiver in B&Q?) - there are guns all over the place now, didn't you hear the case recently in Birmingham (the two lasses sprayed with bullets at New year) - those gangs are tooled up all the time.
  15. A lot of weapons came in from E Europe and the Russian mob, but the more desirable "gangsta" brands (Mac 10s, Glocks etc) work their way in through the on the ferries from Belgium and the Netherlands courtesy of Yardies and their Carribbean and N. American contacts who put em on ships bound for Rotterdam and Antwerp.

    Customs are apparently too busy dealing with any honest squaddy that uses a company transit van for weekend cultural exchanges at port cities that just coincidentally have pitifully low rates of taxation on cigarettes and p1ss. They have a hard time believing that for some such people a van full of tabs an beer is well within the realm of personal consumption.