Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gingwarr, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Any ideas on getting rid of these (without surgery)?

    I tend to get one on my left wrist every couple of years. They stay a month or so then bugger off.

    However, my latest one's been here for about ten weeks, and is being a real bugger (to the point where I have to do all press ups on either stands or my knuckles, therefore not training my wrists).

    Anyone know of any cures?
  2. hit them square on with a heavy book (old wives tale says it has to be a bible) this disperses the ganglion.
  3. Old wives liked the bible because is was usually the biggest and heaviest book in the house
  4. Dear gingewarr,

    Although whacking them with a heavy book or mallet is indeed an effective treatment, it can also lead to a reoccurrence of the affliction.

    Much better is surgical excision of the growth and its pedicle. It's usually done as an out-patient and some docs will do it in their practices. One incision is normally enough, however, a second smaller incision may on occasion be indicated. The whole thing takes about three weeks in all and then you should be free of them, although an eventual reoccurrence can't be ruled out with 100% certainty, even after this treatment.

  5. You could of course chew them off in the hope they appear on your tongue, thus making you more popular with the females than ever before.
    This is not an old wives tale, just bilateral thinking.....

    take it or leave it :)
  6. Be careful gingwarr. I had one that kept coming and going. Then when doing my finals it stayed for a year. Went away for about six months, then came back. It's been resident on my wrist for about three years now. :oops:

    Tried the old bible-bashing, even got a mate in stilletos to stamp on it- no luck that way. Great talking point if nothing else.

    Be a girl then you get to do less press-ups anyways (by the way it causes me the same issues, but I just find doing less PT works for me!). :wink:

    Keep us updated!
  7. Saw the doc.

    The ganglion's not the problem - tuns out I had a sprained wrist all along.

    All together now "hnnnnnnnngh, by dabe's gingwarr, and ibe a spastic".

    Thanks for your help though :oops:
  8. The Man With Two Brains? I think you meant something else old son!
  9. I had one removed at (DKMH) Catterick. I thought it would just be a short job, so turned up expecting to be out in an hour or so.
    I was in for three nights!
    Extremely well looked after. I had a great time. Beats bashing it with a bible any day of the week.

  10. Sounds good to me :D ..... Sounds better than a tongue piercing 8)