Gang spat at windows at Witney Gurkha restaurant

Story here.

What were these ********* thinking of? I wonder just how wise it is to p1ss off the Gurkhas?

A restaurant run by three former Gurkha soldiers in Witney has been been targeted repeatedly by a gang of teenagers.
Staff working for Gurkha Delight said up to 20 youths gathered outside on several occasions, hurled abuse and spat at the windows.
The restaurant, which opened in December on Thorney Leys, said attacks had escalated since the New Year.
Thames Valley Police said several arrests had been made.

High-visibility patrols

Manager Prawesh K C, said it was not the only place being targeted.
He said: "Most of the people in the area have suffered similar problems in the Thorney Leys area.
"I just wish it would go away. You show up to work to have a nice evening, and it puts everything out of order."
The restaurant has reported the anti-social behaviour to the police.
Chief Inspector Jack Malhi, police commander for West Oxfordshire, said it had received calls from several shopkeepers at the end of January and launched high-visibility patrols on the estate.
He said: "We have also been identifying some of the youths who may be involved in this anti-social behaviour and sending letters to their parents, in a bid to engage with them and get them involved.
Police have made five arrests in connection with the incidents.
Love that comment from Plod about sending letters to their parents and "engaging with them", what the fcuk is the point of that ??, no wonder the rank and file coppers are hacked off if thats the way they have to deal with things.

20 Chavs against 3 Gurkha's ?? .. bit unfair on the chavs isnt it ??
They won’t be laughing when the all end up at the business end of a off Kukri and are served up as a double portion of uber hot Ghurkha curry mit rice


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Can't they send a PCSO round to sort them
We habve two of them round our way violent crime and burgalry rates are still up
But the amount of three year old chucking sausage rolls on the pavement has dropped dramatically

At £23k a pop I think it's paying for itself I once slipped on a sausage roll little b4stard
Plod should be engaging them with asps and pepper spray shurely!

All decent minded people would be turning a blind eye. H&S regs should assist defence that it was in their own interests to get beaten away before Little Johnnie Ghurkas came out with their sharp knives

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