Gang of walts,or band of walts

A| group of walts have set up shop, they wear maroon berets and have built a barracks on old usaf base, they are at Rock Barracks, Woodbridge, I have found major holes in their security, and even went on base via the back door, they went in local paper proclaiming to be Parachut regiment, but they arent.

They may have done p coy, but they will never be paras, suggest we take them down, the walting cnuts, they even wear maroon t shirts, and wings, the cheek of it
Hmm, well, I've given this some thought (but only some).
Why don't you pop along to the aforementioned barracks and tell the chaps in the gatehouse you think they're Walts, and when you've received an answer, verbal or otherwise, keep it to yourself.
Now, it's late, you seem to be getting excited and as a net result you're using a bit too much oxygen, go and lie down like a good chap. Or, as other people seem to be saying, lay off the Meths.
I looked up 'obnxious twat' in The Oxford English Directory.

It simply said 'see otterlygreat'
hairyarse2 said:
I looked up 'obnxious twat' in The Oxford English Directory.

It simply said 'see otterlygreat'

Funnily enough, it said the same under OXYGEN THIEF in my one.
Looking at the title of this thread, I though there could be some milage in it!

So what is the collective noun for walts??? ( although walting does seem to be a individual activity - too many lies to coordinate with more than one)

Group of Walts?

Gang of Walts?

Waltz of Walts??

Thoughts and ideas on a post card please.
A reenactment of Walts?
I always thought it was a "KNOT" of walts as in "The Sealed Knot" Civil War Walts
Or a Gripping of Walts?

They do tend to get gripped quite often.

A "Disney" of Walts??

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