Gang Imports Sex Slaves through Heathrow

How about the filth involved in this digusting affair? Taken straight off planes from Malaysia the girls were then imprisoned and forced to 'work' for their freedom. The punishments meted out to the revolting pimps: Thanh Hui Thi 'the boss' five years (out in two probably). The rest got between three and a half and one year - what a joke. I wonder what the Malaysian penalty would be? Death hopefully. Nothing about deportation of course. In any case this government would probably lose them anyway. Nothing about seizure of assets. Remember: 'Tough on crime, tough of the causes of crime' means criminals win, victims lose. Bet you all that if I gave a yob a thrashing for attacking an elderly neighbour, I'd get at least three and a half years.
By the way the cost to you good taxpayers for this herd of sub-humans is approximately: £580,000
(Sorry I cannot attach a thread (I'm too thick) but will probably carry the story)
I hope the Assetts Recovery Agency are on this case??
If you are bothered by a unduly lenient sentence write to the Attorney General and ask him to refer it to the court of appeal
Judgeing by the number of UK sites offering the services of Asian ladies, I can only think that this lot where not paying off the right people.
Think they probably run afoul of this lot;

Sentences do get upped now and again. A very nasty man called Luan Placiki got sent down in 1993 for 7 counts of facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants, 3 kidnaps charges, one incitement to rape and a stack of living off immoral earnings.

Originally he got ten years, but on appeal it was upped to 23; plus his British nationality's been stripped off him and the ARA took back about 100,000 grand off him.

Now that's a pull through with a christmas tree!

If you can stand the slightly "social worker" tone, Selling Olga by Louisa Waugh is a very good introduction to sex trafficking and what you can see on the streets of London.

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