Gang Boss Shot Dead: Real IRA Member Held

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. They are all criminals, no amount of acronyms will change that.
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  2. No poaching on the IRA's drug dealing patch
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  3. All we need now is to get the 'Dissident' Republicans involved, and we're laughing!
  4. How many initials /acronyms are there? surely the dogs on the streets know they're the same pack of scoundrels(can't swear in c/a thread) no matter what they call themselves.
  5. "It is understood that Kelly had been under covert Garda surveillance for some time"

    Really ?? but obviously not at 1600 hours yesterday..or was he?
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  6. Good afternoon to ya Guard, sure you look perished so you do, why not take this €10,000 and go buy yourself and your colleague there a nice cup of coffee. ;P
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  7. In a Garda follow-up operation detectives arrested a man nearby who they believe is heavily involved in dissident republican activity.

    They couldn't have been that far away.....

  8. Keeping warm in O'Starbucks no doubt.
  9. 1601hrs: Suspect is lying motionless in the street. NFTR Sir.
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  10. Apparently there was a documentary the other week and they reckoned the drug gangs are actually more powerful than the dissident republicans these days - they've got the money to buy power, the dissidents have nothing like the strength/backing that PIRA had.
  11. I'm going to copy write all the names I can think of that go with Republican army. If they use any I will sue. That'll fix em!
  12. So, what's the actual difference between pira/rira/new ira? What's wrong with calling them the dirty paddy terrorists?
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  13. PIRA were 'the IRA' of the 1970s/80s/early 90s (along with 'Official IRA' that died a death in the early 1970s I think).

    Once the peace process started and the mainstream agreed to give up the armed struggle splinter groups started appearing (Real IRA, Continuity IRA etc) made up of the hardliners who didn't want to give up the fight.

    Although, of course, for the majority of them it's the drug dealing, pimping and having the chance to show how hard you are by maiming the occasional 15 year old rather than actually taking on the British state that attracts them.
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