Gamo CF30 air rifle upgrades

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by happybonzo, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. If you own a Gamo air rifle you have probably discovered that the trigger is pretty horrid. An ill defined first stage that leads onto an even more erratic second stage release.
    Help is at hand and for very little money. There is a replacement trigger available from America GRT 111 trigger. There is even a good little video that will help to ensure that you don't nause up fitting it.
    It is not up to Weirauch standards but it is a huge improvement on the factory fitted trigger
    The CF30 underlever is also low on power, usually 10ft/lbs for a rifle that should be nearly 12ft/lbs. The addition of an Oxspring No. 7 sorts this out.
    One word of warning: If the spring is fitted by a gunsmith and you ask for a chronograph test and they find it is over 12ft/lbs they are not allowed to return it to you unless you have it on an FAC.
    If you fit it yourself, who knows what it is pushing out
    And before anyone screams :D I know that it incumbent on the owner to ensure that their air rifle complies to legislation
  2. Hi HB

    I wouldn't say '10lb/ft' was 'low on power'... in fact, I think you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference if both hit you in the thigh. :) or should that be :-(

    Re: a gunsmith giving you a 12+ gun back: surely he'd lop a bit of the springs length? To get it under 12? A bit of an untidy solution but isn't this what the 'low-end' importers do to 12+ guns to get sold here?

    Lastly, you wouldn't want a 12+ airgun in your possession... you'll not only loose the gun (and probably any sights on it) you'll gain a nice conviction for having a firearm. Ouch!
  3. 10 ft lb as opposed to 12 is a 16% drop in power. You need everything you can get in an air rifle unless you are shooting mice.