Gaming PC for sale.

The pc:

Monitor close up:

Side of pc:

Front door on case:

Details of components:

Samsung 24" LCD Syncmaster 245B,
Black, 1920x1200, 5ms, 1000:1, DVI - Montior

Antec Performance One P180 Miditower,
Silver Aluminum (Without PSU) - Case

Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 320GB SATA2
16MB 7200RPM - Harddrive

Corsair TWIN2X 6400C5DHX DDR2, 2048MB - Memory

Gainward GeForce 8800GT 512MB GDDR3,
PCI-Express 2.0, 2xDVI/HDCP, 256bit - Graphics Card

Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R, P35, Socket-775,
ATX, DDR2/DDR3, GbLAN, PCI-Ex16 - Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
Socket LGA775, 8MB, BOXED w/fan - CPU

Logitech Media Keyboard Elite

Logitech MX518 Optical Mouse,

NEC DVD±RW burner AD-7170 IDE Black OEM,
DVD+R/+RW/DVD-R/-RW/Ram (Dual layer)

XION Powersupply ATX 600W Retail SLI,
SATA, Dimension mm(163x150x85) 20+4 pin - PowerSupply

As you can see in the pictures, the pc is in perfect condition. It's only in it's seventh month!

The case is fantastic and has 3 fans for ventilation, lots of different compartments and it easy to clean. It's really quiet because the case is top end.

If you would like the webcam, controllers, speakers w/sub woofer then i can include that. I have a good selection on games also, including Medal of Honour Airborne, PES 2008 and Crysis. Also if you would like to buy your own monitor, rather than this one, then i'll still be happy to sell you the pc on its own.

I have all of the original boxes and documents, including warranties and manuals etc.

I'm looking for £600 for the pc itself, and £250 for the monitor, but am happy to negotiate on price. I'm also happy to do a deal for both the pc and the monitor together. Message me with an offer and i'll seriously consider it.

It's a top pc and looks as good as it plays! I can happily install a free version of windows xp/vista, which will save you a large chunk of cash; If your not into illegal copies of operating systems then i can send you the pc with the harddrive empty.

I'm joining the army, so i'm selling all of my things that i can't take with me; With the money i get for selling this, i can buy a laptop to take with me to depot. For some reason i don't think i'd be allowed this monster there! :D

If you're interested then leave a message.

congratulations on passing selection etc, I'm surprised you didn't post it on the joining up forum (or did I miss it?)
Congrats on selection too gotta hand it to you mate thats a nice rig you got there would buy it if i had the dosh!

Why cant they lower the age to joining the armed forces to 16 and without parental consent!!!

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