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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mr_Creosote, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Right, apart from the flash overpaid types, like AAC pilots and AT's. We are all underpaid and tight with parting with our pennies, aren't we? Well, those of you that are still in anyway. :)

    Anyway, I am after a new laptop, after one of the 2 I have was dropped by my oxygen thieves (kids in other words). Now, my insurers have agreed to cough for a new one, as it is beyond economical repair. However, the company that deals with their replacements has offered me a piece of junk from Toshiba with a crappy Celeron mobile processor in it. A Satellite Pro L40/17F for those that are interested. :)

    Considering the written off one had a Intel Centrino Duo in, I am more than a bit miffed and have told them what they could with the Toshiba and to give me the money instead.

    So, anyhoo, I am now looking for a lappy with a minimum 2GB RAM, Turion/Centrino/Duo (NON budget) processor and a dedicated graphics card in it. Basically, as I am now wireless in my gaff, I am looking for a replacement for a desktop PC that I can also play up to date games on. Not too bothered if it has Vista on it, or not, as, I have my own genuine copies of XP Home & Pro to install on it instead.

    Now the laptop my insurers offered me was £370 inc VAT. So I do realise I may have to fork out a bit on top of what the insurers give me to get what I want. Only looking to pay a total of £500 max inc VAT.

    Any of you guys have any recommendations?
  2. For that price, you could get a refurb one looking as brand new as 'unrefurb ones'; some of them are just returns where only the box has been opened. Dixons (I know, I know - part of 'the group' but still not PC World), Comet, Dell, EuroPC, etc do them with 15/17 inch screens for under that price and with the standard 12 month warranty.

    I'm on a refurb one (thanks to the f*ckers at PCW), no probs with it apart from that it's now older than a paedo's dream date.
  3. This'll suit you down to the ground, Creosote;


    Dribble proof, sick proof and it has more memory than you.
  4. Whoa! Paid the same as a Chef :p
  5. Have you considered a Nintendo DS?
  6. I'd rather poke my eyes out with Flushingston's extremely small penis. :wink: