GameStop and guerrilla investing

Only one hour to go until the markets open up for another exciting day of GameStop.
Looks like the Hedge Funds have managed to reduce the Short Position, but according to some websites the float is still 88% shorted with a float of 229%.
With RH users cock blocked, will the Hedge Funds get a free run to snaffle up the shares being sold?
Who knows but I expect the price to be up and down like a whores draws.

Remember kids, don't gamble more than you are able to lose!
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Looks like with a large percentage of retail investors locked out of the market or not willing to pay the inflated prices for GameStop stock and those holding large positions dumping stock the price is back down to $90.

This has been amazing to watch.

I think the winners are all those who got in 2-6 months ago, and those who got out with a profit and the Hedge Funds who shorted at the inflated price.

The losers, even at $90, are the hedge funds who got short squeezed. I am sure we will find out who they are in the coming months.
The other loser is WSB as they are now flooded with new members who don't know much but want a quick profit.