Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. I'm kind of new at computer games. I don't get into racing or sports games or fast-paced shooters. I like strategy-based games that require some thought and planning. I recently bought Civilization III and Rome: Total War. Does anybody have any experience with these games that they'd like to share? I'm going to try Rome: Total War first. It better be good, it was more expensive than most other games on the shelf.
  2. Never mind all that, get into Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. Brilliant fun. I've only got up to 'Guardian Angels' and i fcuk it up 'cos i can't control the Ruger . 'Waste the wife' was good and 'intimidating the witnesses' was a laugh.
  3. nahhh a bit of counter strike or condition zero... halo... battlefield 1942 (desert combat).

    get yer adrenaline pumping...

    think I will go play CZ now...
  4. As an ex KINGO, you've probably played Grand Theft Auto for real, so I appreciate why you would find the computer game boring.
  5. lol... I actually like GTA vice city and San An... but I prefare multi player games :D
  6. If you want a bit of 'instant' action in the same genre as Total War and Civ, try Empire Earth - you can choose which period in time you begin and where you progress to. All the buildings, technology and machines reflect the era you are in. Plus there is nothing better than dropping a few nukes on your neighbours.............. :twisted:
  7. I have GTA: Vice City for the PS2. I've never finished it. I liked the open-ended nature of it. You don't have to follow the story line. You can go off on your own and cause all sorts of mayhem on bystanders and cops, which can be fun.
  8. get yourself San Andreas well better than Vice City... loads more to do as well...