Games you probally shouldnt play whilst driving.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. You know what it's like, mega long car journey/convoy, start to get bored, you've already had the obligatry w4nk ... what to do next?

    An old favourite is for the driver to close his eyes whilst the passenger gives the directions. Depending on where and what you're driving at the time. A tank around Salisbury Plain, no worries, but a minibus full of pissed up squaddies around London, slighty more tricky.

    Another oldie is to see how long you can keep your eyes shut for whilst driving. Anyone with a record of more than a 30 seconds is good going before you're arse starts to get twitchy.

    Another is not allowing the vehicle to stop, with the aim of the game to keep the wheels turning. Not much point played on a motorway, but in a town or city this can be quite interesting. Played this round Pristina in a landrover. It just means you don't stop for anything: traffic lights, oncoming cars, animals or pedestrians. You can even set the rules so the vehicle cannot go below a certain speed ... 80kph would be kicking the arse out of it somewhat though.

    Obviously i don't condone the playing of any of these games whilst driving ... unless it's on your insurance policy or you get on well with the MTO
  2. Driving in pairs is always fun driver puts seat all the way reclined passenger does steering wheel, also fun when driver turns round to talk to back seat passengers.
  3. See how far you can get in reverse, was good fun in Cyprus where the plod were few and far between, that is until we were pulled over in the UN protected zone hurtling past the church army building by the DANCON MP's - fookin vikings!
  4. Not a dangerous driving past time but a funny one none the less, especially if you have passengers and they join in.


    Only works in towns or on small roads where cars pass quite slowly. Everyone in the car gurns and holds the face for as long as possible. Some of the looks you get are priceless and really passes a boring journey. :)
  5. Russian roulette.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Traffic Jam Ornithology is one of my favoured pastimes. Spot a Ka, Saxo, Mini or other burd-motor and go for a closer look. Pretty devastating when you find out there's a male pensioner behind the wheel, but there's usually enough minge out there to make up for it. Bonus points for eye contact, cheeky smiles, getting a flash or meeting them in the next service station. The motherload is a group of giggling gash all prepared to push the boat out, such as coachloads or buses.

    I find it works best on the way to a festival (except that one time where it turned out the four stunners in question were being driven to Leeds by their dad, who wasn't impressed), or in the direction of a known holiday resort during the summer.

    Many a near-miss when I've spotted a potential vict... erm, future wife and lost concentration.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Rugby League?
  8. Curling.
  9. A pastime which is fun while driving (and probably in the wrong thread) is to give a pedestrian a toot and a friendly wave, I would suggest about half will wave back in acknowldgement and carry on with their journey no doubt thinking 'who the fcuk was that'.
  10. I find driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians to be hilarious just thinking of past episode's has me giggling like a schoolgirl on acid
  11. I used to play that one, better variation is to do it slowly round town with a car full of kids and shout "look theres uncle dave!" cue waving and smilling. priceless good fun, adds extra spice if 'uncle dave is a woman'
  12. The container run was always a good one for a laugh.

    Whilst the DROPS driver keeps the vehicle at a reasonable pace the co-driver would exit the cab via the capola cover and attempt to climb onto the container on the back of the drops. (If you didn't have a container then an empty Flatrack would suffice) Once onto the container/empty flatrack the co-driver would then make his/her way to the end of the container/flatrack and then make his/her way back into his seat in the cab. Once in the cab both the driver and co-driver would change posistion (on the move) and then the driver would attempt the same challenge. Once you had both completed the some what dangerous move the one with the fastest time was the winner. This used to keep us amused for hours on those long journeys between Kuwait & Iraq before it got to dangerous ever to stick your head out the window.

    If after a couple of attempts this got a bit boring you could always add variations to the container run where you had to throw things for the DROPS travelling behind you to hit such as bottles of water etc. So whilst you are attempting to move down the container or flatrack the driver is swerving all over the road trying to run over a bottle of water thrown from the back of the vehicle in front.
  14. Babminton or squash.
  15. Pin the tail on the Donkey............