Games you play when you are bored !

I have just walked in to our reception at work and the receptionist is playing I spy with our marketing totty, by Email.
They are in separate offices !

What games do you play when bored. Apart from hide the sausage of fighting with the one eyed trouser snake ?
I spend far too much of my valuable time on arrse, so I have no time to flirt with card games, pacman or dungeon shit.
They all cheat in Bristol.
Tell him you can see the clifton suspension bridge, it is big, he may fall for it !
Ny troop commander bollocked us for playing "Hide and seek" once.
I thought the cam and concealment lesson was going well.
Spot the smack rat.
I like battleships by phone. I also play where could I hide (on what object like a tree for example). If a mad dog was chasing me. i have lots of time on my hands
I'm still listening to the slow tick, tick, tick of the clock on my office wall, It's Friday and it's not going any quicker.
I like getting from one end of the building to another using the most roudabot way or least used passages or corridors, extra points for going through fire escapes or security doors.


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I wish I had time for games. It must be jolly good fun. Sadly, the mineral resources of Inglushistan are not going to free themselves so I must work.
I wish I had time for games.
Same for me. They sound fun. But they turn you into a cock. It's the same effect if you 'buy the bairns' a model aircraft and stand on the touch line whispering "Speedbird 147 requesting clearance, QNH 1007."

If you really, really have to buy a model, there are only two choices, imho

The fellow in pic one is off to Stanley.


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