Discussion in 'Seniors' started by nil_oc, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    Im looking for some new ideas for a games night. Orifices/Cpls to Sgts mess (not at the same time, that would be like the NAAFI :twisted:).

    Want something different, needs to be a hoot and needs to include the obvious :p :drunken:

    Any assistance greatly received.
  2. Draughts.
  3. Table diving


    When you get well into the evening; Shock is always a good one for the young uneducated officers. Once when doing this a Lt grand slammed (not in the mess fortunately) - NICE.
  4. I take it you mean with red and white wine Dale.

    nil_oc. Get the pioneers to knock you up a bigger draughts board for the wine glasses.

    Done one once which involved the wives. Picked out a few who were wearing short skirts. Tied a carrott behind them and they have to squat down and get the carrott into a bottle. Got some good crutch shot views.

    Try the quiz 15 to 1 but with only 10 people - 5 from each Mess. They start off with 5 pints in front of them and when they get a Q wrong they down a pint - IN ONE. The Qs can be anything really from Regt history, Sport, characters in the Unit, to General knowledge.

    BT. :lol:
  5. hows about table tennis wearing boxing gloves?
  6. Human Skittles on crawler boards- might need a risk assessment though.

    If against the officers you could use them as he skittles :twisted:
  7. Nails, In S10's!
  8. I'm better at nails when i'm bat-faced! Am I unique in this respect or is everyone the same?
  9. Giant Jenga & Alcohol

  10. Dingerr, try it bat-faced in an S10, it truley is a wonderfull experience!
  11. I would, but i must be getting old because i always seem to forget my S10 when i'm going to the mess. I don't know why because i always seem to remember my wallet and watch and even my shoes, but S10 always seems to escape my mind. :)
  12. Play your cards Sh!te!

    it's the same but the wrong way round

    just a thought!

  13. Jousting, using space hoppers and mops.
  14. Have them go through some form of obstacle course complete with scramble nets just to get into the mess. Always a good start to the evening cos' you can piss yourself laughing at the biffs who can't cope.
  15. Couple of games:

    You both balance on a bottle, (bit like barrel rolling), then use a broom handle to both maintain your balance and also knock the other guy of.

    If it is good weather, egg tossing. Start with a raw egg and chuck it to each other, pair who end up furthest apart before the egg breaks wins.

    Place loads of pegs on a line. Then using only one hand see how many pegs you can get of the line, only using that hand, but you must also continue to hold onto the pegs you have removed.

    Climb along a mess table end to end both over and under, without touching the ground. Another variant of this is one guy piggy backs onto another, and then as to pass between blokes legs, around the front and then back onto his back without touching the ground.

    Final one. You need 4 chairs, 4 beer mats, 2 axle stands, beer crate, broom handle and staff/scaffolding pole from the gym. Thread the staff through the beer crate and then balance it between the two axle stands, then place the four chairs SE, SW, Nw and NE, in relation to the pole being North to South. Put the beer mats on the edges of the chair. Person sits in/on beer crate and uses broom handle to balalnce as feet are not allowed to touch the ground. They then have to try and flick the beer mats of the chairs. Winer based on most flipped off in quickest time