Games Night

Can anyone suggest good ideas for inter mess games. got one coming up and getting bored of the usual nails, darts, giant jenga, boat race, need something different. Any ideas and rules greatly appreciated
It may be costly but why not search internet/yellow pages and hire someone to bring in some brilliant games/games kit? I havn't a clue what is available but there's bound to be something we have not thought of. Enjoy.
One big screen (or Projector) and 4 Playstations, and the game Doom, play head to head! Whoever get killed has to do a Pint/Shot/Handstand.
Worked for me, and you get to find out who the closet Gamers are!
We hired a bull ride, against the officers, last man hanging on and all that, lots of fun and loss of ego. (of course seniors won, dont we always). anothother good one is to fix all games with forfits for officers....

all else fails mess rugby.

any questions???
I can spell another,

a an other, well

smiles all round then!
Human Pool. Mark out a rectangular area with buckets in the corners and the middle (these are the pockets). Get one of those trolley things that are used for working under vehicles (the LAD should have one). One person acts as the cue by lying on the trolley. Another person pushes them around and trys to get a football into the buckets using the cue's tip/head. You could even get some fullers earth and chalk them up.
What about....

Playstation - MotoGp 3

Carpet Bowls

Indoor golf


Shock.......... :roll:
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