Games night in the mess

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CornOnTheCob, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. I am looking at organising a games night in the mess against the juniors in a couple of months and was wondering if anyone knows any decent games and could perhaps give me the rules as well as the description?
    I know a few already like Wine Drafts, Walking the bottle but racking my brains to remember some more. Any help please?
  2. Horse racing can be a bit of a laugh. Especially when there's lots of cash changing hands.
  3. we had one a awhile ago and someone set up a WII with the boxing went down very well.
  4. Pickeld egg races, just make sure you have the fire doors open! Eat a pickled egg, down a drink, over an improvised obstacle course whereby if you knock an obstacle over you are fined a glass of milk, repeats itself until there is only one man standing who wins. Usually the batlle of the most hard core drinkers/lunatics of each team.
  5. Human skittles.

    oppossing team are the skittles, one team member with helmet pushed down the lenght of the room on a crawler board to knock them over.

    obviously H&S minded so you can wear protective clothing and use a crash mat if you want. Its optional if the skittles can deflect the bloke on the crawler board with thier feet :wink:
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We used to do that in The Stables,a bar owned by a couple of ex-RAF Armourer SNCO's but the egg was put into a glass of pernot or something like that.The drank & you ate the egg.It was funking disgusting & it's very,very hard not to throw up.
    Sorry,It was'nt pernot,it was a blue mint tasting spirit I cant remember the name of.
  7. MY bold.

    I've heard of the others, but this one has escaped me, kindly explain? 8O
  8. maggot racing,
    make an indoor assault course of tables and chairs etc, 2 people inside sleeping bags head first with their (trainer/guides) stood ready. Spin the maggots round ten times then the trainer/guide has to try direct them around the assualt course, normally made quite difficult by the fact that everyone else is shouting their heads off, pushing more obstacles on to the assault course and the maggots are quite dizzy and with any luck leathered, hot and sticky and ready to puke inside the sleeping bag.