Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by evertonluke, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Gamesnight - Bushtucker Trail-

    Anyone have any novel ideas for x5 dishes for the Badge and CO to tuck in to, RSM's needs to be nice, CO needs to be eating Dog Food type of format, all meals need to look the same...........
  2. A stew of some sort. One made with beef and the other from dog food.
    A curry which is take the p155 hot and a mild one.
  3. Soggy digestive........
  4. Need I ask what I shoud use to make it soggy.....
    Have some disgusting bits of animal parts that I can source from the local butcher, problem I have is trying to find something that looks the same as a set of sheeps eyes or pigs brain, but is not..
  5. A Mr Kipling mini chocolate roll dusted in icing sugar and a Mr Creosote turd coated in icing sugar. Make them wear a peg on their nose while eating it. :wink:
  6. 2 Chiefs 1 cup...................
  7. Anything produced by Sodexho?
  8. Only problem i can see with that is finding something edible which looks like it but doesn't taste like it...
  9. Freckles and suicide freckles should provide you with hours of fun :wink:
  10. Dive Bombers. Don't forget to heat the coins up first with a lighter - guaranteed endless hours of fun :wink: