Games from the gym and basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Farmerbleep, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. My wife has roped me in to help run the youth club. What i've done to deserve this I don't know. I used to run the parents support club in the pub but this has been binned by the more 'senior' rank. RHIP, gawd bless her.

    So I go along and it is a shambles. Uncontrolled kids fecking about everywhere. The wife was trying to get them to all sit down and have a meeting - I think she got her training in AA. So I pick up a ball and stand in the middle of the gym and got their attention.

    To get them started we do "touch all 4 corners when I say go. MOVE!", then it's "twice around my beautiful body", then we had a game of murder ball and then I ran out of things to do. I just had to blag it. One of the helpers thought I was a youth worker. Jeasus!

    So, has anyone got any games that they remember / do? Could anyone as their friendly, local PTI for a few? Go on, I dare you...
  2. Space invaders is always a good one failing that just give them the seal crawl till they cry
  3. Space invaders? WTF are you on about - or am I showing my age up?

  4. Try something like stick ball.

    Someone stands on a horse box at one end of the gym, holding a stick out like a flagpole in front of them. And the participants/kids throw a hoop around, aiming to land the hoop over the end of a stick. They can't move when they've got the hoop, so it's a game of interception and running.

    Or you can do crab football, unihoc. Both of them are staple lessons in case I get one dropped on me at the last minute.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

  5. Touch rugby, indoor footy, kingstingers, I'd say the list is endless but I know what you mean, it's not easy to think of them all when you're put on the spot.
  6. SKM - What are kingstingers?

  7. FB - pm sent

  8. Thanks Bluey

    t'other thing is, these kids are 6 - 10 years old. Any games to tire them out?
  9. Best Gym game ever: Swedish longball
  10. Lots of kids enjoying themselves, whilst parents phone lawyers to see how much they can get off you. Take it youve been CRB checked, also checked insurance to see if your covered. Health and Safety devices in place?

    If they aint and one breaks a nail, your in da shite.
  11. Good questions. Let me see...

    No, No, No, No and No.

    Do I look like the kind of bloke that deals in 'Health and safety'? Do you think I should address these issues ? I was only helping...
  12. Submarines- One kid sits on a chair at one end of the hall blindfolded, holding a torch with someone next to them. Chuck alot of tables and chairs between the kid with the torch and everyone else at the other end and turn the lights off. Idea of the game is to make it to the end of the hall with the torch (on their stomachs) without having the torch shone at them. Guy standing next to the torch guy decides if anyone is 'caught'. Immense fun
  13. Try Murder ball. great for getting rid of all the pent up agression the little darlings might have :twisted:
  14. Have groups of 'aliens' lined up in 4 rows of 5 in each. Have them move from side to side like the space invaders game while you throw medicine balls at them as hard as you can to knock them over, If you do they are out.

    Probably gets lost in the translation with civvies
  15. do the one where the kids all sit in a circle facing outwards legs outstretched and they ve got individual no's - call out 2 no's and they have to jump up and race each around clockwise stepping in and out the legs back to where they started - even funnier if they run in opposite directions and collide!

    british bulldogs

    skipping - need ropes for that though

    twizzle sticks - 2 teams, one at a time the front guy holds a broom pole vertically and has to spin ten times around looking up at the top of the stick - then drop the stick and try to run across room in a straight line and back to let the next one go! - might puke or run into a wall but ******* funny!

    The comment about insurance and offender checks is right by the way - watch your arse - some prick might try to sue you - thats why britains in such a shit state and kids are fat.