Games for local network

I am in the process of deploying a LAN to "somewhere", and would like the lads to be able to play a little network game to while away the time. We put one somewhere else quite a few years ago and put doom on it. This would be shite now I would have thought.

So, anyone know of any "free" games I could use?

They are quite new laptops etc. so the graphics are ok but not up to 2142 standard.
UberSoldat said:
you could download a free 'quake 3 arena Demo', multiplayer works over LAN but only a few maps are available.
Cheers mate, never thought of that, I have it already somewhere on my home comp.
You can pick up a copy of unreal tourenament for a couple of quid plenty blasting and insluts to keep them happy and one of the best games ever ....or day of defeat isnt that free?
Day of defeat & counter strike will set you back about a £10er from steam , since you pay in USD great game on LAN , especially CSS
Will C&C let you play on a lan if you use the same disk to install to all machines? IE only one game, will you need the disk in all machines?

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