Games for a Games night in mess..

I am looking at organising a games night in the mess against the juniors in a couple of months and was wondering if anyone knows any decent games and could perhaps give me the rules as well as the description?
I know a few already like Wine Drafts, Walking the bottle but racking my brains to remember some more. Any help please?
Have you thopught of Giant jenga?

I also playecthis made race where the teams had to race in what was basically three pairs of boots nailed to ski's.

hours of fun watching p*ssed up blokes trying to get it together marching.

also the old favs darts pool etc.

climbing around a table.

All you need is a six foot table and bloke laid on top. Bloke has to get himself around the table without touching the floor as many times as poss in alloted time.

Bridge build.

teams start on a coffe table and have to build a bridge in the from of blokes in the press up position to an alotted EMENY BANK.

Other than that any stupid games that involves drink.


I would like to point out that Mess Rugby should never ever be played with a melon.. especially not an over ripe one
round the world with two blokes rather than a table is much more fun/competitive. The record I know of is 45 times.

mars bar fishing, initially fun, but usually far more violent than mess rugby. A highly amusing spectator sport.
Can't beat the boat race, but with a small difference, Each competitor must lift a keg of beer above there head before they down their pint.


Always a classic is giant connect 4, nails and my personal fave.......Beirut.

They all go down a storm when played with the drinking games too.
Tug O' War - Two teams sat on the floor with team members sat between eachothers legs :| and the front men of each team are toe to toe. The front men both have their hands on a broom handle that goes across the line of the pull as if it were an oar. Team members take the strain by holding tight around the chest of the bloke in front. Then pull. The team that wins is the one still holding the broom at the end, often after the opponents front man has gone flying over the top of your team :eye:

Hope this made sense! Great fun honest!
A custom built Game of the Goose will always work a charm. When you divide the invited guests in teams beforehand you can write cards with assignments on them to suit (or embarass) the players.

Make fields on the board saying something like: "Team one draws a card" and then have them do what's on the card.


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"Drink while you think" is another classic. The name says it all really. Various mediums can be used - names of famous people, forming stories by a sentence each that must be relevant to a selected topic, etc. You get the gist.
"Spud Racing" is always good for a laugh. Decent sized spud on string tied round the waist, without the use of your hands you need to manouvre another spud on the floor round a course. Done as a relay race it brings tears to the eyes of all onlookers, it is amazing to see the way some people contort their body to get the thing moving (plenty of pelvic thrusting). An added extra can be to neck a can of ale on the changeover before the next team member can set off.

How about "BEER PONG" Like ping pong but with pints of beer.

1. Bounce the ball over a table that has beer glasses at each end with differing amounts of ale in.

2. Land your ball in an opponents glass.

3. Opponent has to drink the beer in alloted time or complete a forfeit (use your imagination)

4.Person with most glasses left on the table at the end wins.
Bar stools is a good one. put ones head on one bar stool and heels on another and the rotate a bar stool around the body and see who can do the most. We had a guy who could do over 100 , brass neck and still heels lol.
How about crab football, always a good laugh. Basically means what it says running around on two hands and feet like a crab, kicking the ball.

Try it for a laugh.
Bottleosmoke said:
Always a classic is giant connect 4, nails and my personal fave.......Beirut.

They all go down a storm when played with the drinking games too.
Nails with S10s' on.

Always a giggle.
Any balance game, tree trunk and plank spring to mind, especially if yr mess can practice beforehand. Either that or russian roulette with shot glasses smile and yr not allowed in!
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