Games for 2018/19

Just a few I am looking forward to on PC, Grab a cuppa and relax for 20 ;)

The Division 2:

Worl War III:

Generation Zero:

Metro Exodus:

And finally.... Cyberpunk 2077:

What are you people looking forward to?
No Red Dead Redemption 2?
I've not even played the first one!

I am told it's like GTA on horses?

GTA V was fun. This looked like it was fun to make with the in-game editor:


The new Tomb Raider remake looks worth a punt as well.

I finished the last two, some fun single player action. I will play the third instalment for sure.
My must-have games in the foreseeable:

Red Dead Redemption
Hitman 2
Ace Combat 7
Insurgency Sandstorm
Tomb Raider
Forgot about Ace Combat 7, it's coming onto ps4 VR.
I'm a massive fan and the past few titles have been PS exclusives so I'm over the moon that it's coming to Xbox too.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War was my complete favourite.

I also enjoyed "piloting" the Bone in Assault Horizon, even if it was on rails.


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Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Considering it was made with kickstarter pledge for $5m (absolute buttons. Skyrim cost $85m) it's jaw dropping. A little rough around the edges true, graphic glitching and textures clipping. But the story so far is gripping, the game play is challenging (******* hell is it challenging) amd there have been a couple of genuinely hilarious moments (going on the lash with a priest and then delivering the sermon at mass because Fr. Godwin is almost puking over the altar).
Definitely Cyberpunk 2077.
However I'll be more impressed if the next gen consoles come out to support the new games.
Red Dead 2 is already pre-ordered on the PS4 as well as Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Forsaken DLC hits Destiny 2 next week so that's going to take up a bit of my time too.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the one I am really waiting for though, CDPR know their stuff. I just hit Level 100 in Witcher 3 after finishing my second playthrough of the main story and both DLC's and I am still having a blast with that game with still so much to do .. if the quality and amount of content in Cyberpunk is above Witcher 3 it'll be game of the decade I reckon.
Went to Insomnia 63 today. The division 2 is looking good also the new spiderman. Got some cool swag as well.

Lucky sod ;)
I plan on going to one some day, I need to compact m,y rig a bit or grab a decent gaming laptop.
Insurgency Sandstorm as mentioned, love Insurgency except my alcoholism affects my memory which makes me forget maps?!

That said, logging on now...

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