Many options:

Resellers provide old keys, reputable ones should be valid, obscure ones could be OEM licences that should remain with a specific machine, or numbers that strictly shouldn’t be reused if someone has had an upgrade discount

Free compatible software is certainly good enough these days, just remember to save in the right formats if sharing documents

Home Use Programme gives a discount, and you just need the link and an email address from a participating business (eg

Educational institutions may be on a similar programme for students & staff, you would need the appropriate .edu address etc to get your licence

But MS Office is free online. Just register a free Microsoft email address - this gives you web page apps

Phone apps for Office such as on the iPhone are free

I was using the Home Use Programme, but on the latest options it would be cheaper through HUP if I wanted a household of licences, but going through options I went for paying for an O365 subscription anyway which gave me my personal licence and cloud hosting.

There is the Microsoft rewards scheme where you can earn points and credits daily by doing quizes etc
The credits can sometimes be used on software, though I used mine mainly for free microSD cards and haven’t been on it for a while

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