Gamecock barracks...

Now those of you stationed there will no, the place used to be a RNAS (HMS Gamecock)

I was having a chat with a mate this morning, who belives that the Navy actually scrapped and buried aircraft on the site. What I'm trying to find out is, how true are the rumours?

Looked at the overhead on multimap, and came up with this intriguing feature

So what is that square patch of discoloured grass?

Any help appreciated

Are ye talkin aboot the green bit at the bottom of the pic, cause that's a fitba field.....or it wiz when ah wiz there.

Or the sandy coloured bit below the left hand hangar? That's where ah used tae dae aww ma press ups.

If there's any sinister burial pits, they'll be up at the fence next tae the motorway....just ootside the pic. (bottom of pic)
you could always buy a metal detector.Dont think youll find a lot though.You may find however that the areas of different grass are the foundations of Bramcote village/manor that the navy flattened to build the place.
ahhhhh which ties in with one of the pits being excavated back in the 60's , and a load of Spit, Corsair and Avenger bits being hauled out......

Thanks Bill

Mountain, missed your post, but will look at that area now

Ta muchly

Whit aboot Bramcote Mains? I think that was MOD property tae, wi' a big fence roond it. If ah remember rightly it's oan the other side of the motorway.

Mind's been a few years since ah flew mah Tiger Moth oot ay there!


Quick question, do you have a map reference for Bramcote Mains? Please refer to first post for multimap area reference.


Mountain, you are a Star........  ;D

Thanks for taking the time to do that, some bloody interesting features right there. Makes me wonder though, is this the site of the 60's /80's dig, part of Bramcote manor, or an undiscovered area.

Oh well, only way to tell is to walk up and down it , till I get ping-ping-ping. Now, will the boss let me?

Outstanding bit of help mate, ta muchly...

I don't wanna p*** on your bonfire PtP and you may be on to something, but I heard a very similar story about the RAF at Azimghur Bks (21 sigs).  Supposed to be buried aircraft there as well.  I think it's a bit of an apocryphal story, sorry mate.
Dev believe me, you haven't. I checked with some mates, and they have photo evidence of stuff coming out of a hole at Bramcote in the Sixties. Someone else went along with TA diggers in the 80's and got some more small bits out, but I think there was more than one pit...

Azimghur Bks is Colerne I think, and there are a shedload of stories about that location. if anyone knows anything concrete, i'd love to hear it, same with Hullavington....

Thanks for that Dev... ;D

yep, Azimghur is Colerne. I checked out the stories there when I was a baby troopie.  All came to nothing. If you are on to a winner at Bramcote then 'have it!' I hope it all works out.  Let me know what you find...
Any time you want to come along Dev, just say so. Still looking, and still looking for stories of what may, or may not be under the turf at various locations.

Was at Gutersloh (first time) as a spacey in 1981. The Fire dump still had a couple of FW190 tail units on it! If only I knew then what I know now :'( Friend I go gliding with, used to be an RAF armourer, says he saw Mossie fuselages on a dump at a Turkish base in the 70's. He also reports Venom fuselages in Saudi, so does a relative who used train RSAF bods out there.

But anything else anyone knows about....
Git up tae the Cairngorms........we're trippin' ower aircraft wrecks up here.

There's a tail-fin aff a yellow Sea King or Wessex oan Lochnagar that cud fit in ma Bergan if that's legal ;)


having kicked many a football on that piece of grass i can say that the only reason for its colour is that it is the only piece of grass in the fields that actually gets mowed.


that piece of grass used to be my favourite stopping point on the way home pissed, with one or more fellas, i have been in  every position on that grass and i have never seen any areoplanes. although it is hard to concentrate with one in your mouth, and one up trap two

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Jil sounds like you were having fun .mmmmm

Not something that i seem to remember having there
( fun that is) not that we were actually on the camp that often
Just browsing through some old threads and saw this. I have done some of the Environmental Management Courses at RAF Halton and they had some details of buried ammo and planes on old RAF sites. I believe that Gamecock might have been under the auspices of the RAF at some point so Halton might be a good place to start.
Sometimes you just have to be patient till you hit the mother lode.

Snarley, have you got a contact bod, or any other details?

Could you message me off forum please?

Many thanks

Final resting place of the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery - the end of an era - many a young man set off from Bramcote into life's big adventure!!!!!!1

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