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Discussion in 'REME' started by gallahad, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Recently on a US TV, I watched a US Army General in full regalia, taking part in what I would term a third rate TV Game show. What really irked me was hearing one of the shows personnel asking the question, "Whats with the bow tie, is he a General or a waiter?",refering to the bowtie the General was wearing. How do we feel about our top officers taking part in such game shows?
  2. Isn't this one for the NAAFI bar?

    I thought you were talking about SHOCK, now that's a subject...can you build a General or build a run?
  3. Was the Game show called... Who wants to Bomb Iran?
  4. ??????????

    Random or what?

    To "The Hole" surely
  5. it's a nuke out
    claim that dune
    skating on thin ice
    universally challenged
    who's land is it anyway
    they think it's all over
    Americans are idle
    the exit factor
    changing tunes
    toss gear
    name that loon
    the antique kit show
    scrapheap challenger

    so you want to be an evil dictator (working title)

    Sorry not in a good mood
  6. [quote=" How do we feel about our top officers taking part in such game shows?[/quote]

    Not one of ours, mucker.He's a friggin ' SPAM. Just about sums up the whole military ethos nowadays. Can't see Mad Mike Jackson doing it ,though.
    Still, it all sounds a bit RAF to me!